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Campaign IX, Chapter 5, Episode 9

Location: Straits of Sloph

Characters: Captain Karazos, Hagin Silverbeard, Irettan

The Stormy Maiden was registered to Karazos of Al Fahim. A twin-masted brigantine, she carried cargo among the Middle Seas from Teras to Kur Maeth, Aboris to Moharis. According to her logs and the harbor masters, the Maiden made fair profits carrying rare and exotic goods that were neither illegal nor contraband. How Captain Karazos was able to line up such deals was a secret that many a ship's captain and merchantman would like to know.

Karazos' first mate was a dwarf called Hagin Silverbeard, heavily tattooed from head to toe and as mean a mate as any. He carried a heavy warhammer in his belt, and a crossbow slung over his back. With the crossbow, he would often fire blunt-tipped rib-breaking slow-moving quarrels at members of the crew that moved too slow. The captain was the kind leader, and the first mate was the evil that none dared cross.

As rough and gruff as Hagin was, the ship's navigator was truly the most feared member of the crew. She was a tall, regal woman, with skin the color of new-fallen snow and hair the color of raven's feathers. She was as cold as the harshest of winter nights – and a frost witch, as well. Unlike many other mages, she had the gift of being invisible to the powers of the Seekers. She had also used her gift to help enchant the smuggling compartments aboard the Stormy Maiden.

Captain Karazos had several smuggling contacts throughout the Middle Seas, who used good cargos to help hide the smuggling operations aboard the ship. In late Spring of 1332 Avard, the Storm Maiden managed to slip through the Straits of Sloph, right past the nose of the Inquisition, with a young woman of a mage and a number of arcane items aboard (not including the ship's own frost witch). The ship was also smuggling a purple powder that could knock a man unconscious before he next blinked his eyes, which it picked up from the town of Breakrock.

Defender Ravis of the Thrust of Yatindar, reputed to be one of the most thorough of Kur Maen sea captains with a nose for contraband and mages, was narrowly evaded by Captain Karazos.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU23AUG2012

DM's Notes: Dinner was sketti, and it was good – although next time, I'll have to make more. When there aren't any leftovers, it tends to make me think someone went away hungry! Bill has been choosing where we play for each of these sessions, and he chose the Straits of Sloph, last time we were together. The guys managed to avoid fighting and getting into combat several times, and I'm quite proud of them for that. They have just as good a time role-playing, as they do rolling for initiative and then dealing as much damage as they can. Sommer intended to play Irettan, but wound up having to sit out the session; she was pretty tired, and Bill was able to take over for her.

Ross (Captain Karazos)

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Bill (Hagin Silverbeard)

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Sommer, Bill (Irettan)

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