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(the magistrates often misspell her name as Corrin, Corin, Korin, et cetera))

Character concept by Sommer Parish, all rights reserved.

Date of Birth: Estimated at around 1310 Avard.

Current Status: Spring, 1332 Avard. Corrin is currently working with Meridian Explorations, based out of Chasadan, Rakore.


Corrin is a halfling with an innocence to her that often beguiles people into treating her like a child. At three feet tall and forty pounds in weight, she moves with a way of tricking the observer into either not seeing her, or underestimating her. Her large eyes and waifling appearance subjugate the


The halfling Corrin was found and raised by Deep Dwarves, who brought her up as one of their own. She grew up the child of one of the most prestigious locksmiths among the Deep Dwarves.


Corrin believes down into her core that she is a dwarf. She walks through locked doors as though they are unlocked and anything shiny catches her attention. Much to her embarrassment she will often acquires such shinies without even thinking about it. She has no greed and no lust for riches, but still winds up with the purses of other people without remembering where or how. Despite such innocence, there is a strong dwarven streak through her that lets her kill enemies of the dwarves or her friends without a second thought.

4E Stats

13th-level Rogue

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