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Meridian Explorations

Meridian Explorations was founded in Chasadan, Rakore, in 1332 Avard. The company was founded by the Kavris brothers William and Hershel; William was a scribe for the Church of Lul, and Hershel was the Ducal Mage for the Janis Plains. M.E. was originally founded to investigate certain histories lost to the War of the Undead and assist the Ducal Mage in procuring arcane items and rare alchemical materials. The company was later expanded to include personal protection to the Kavris family, as well as assisting the lords of Chasadan in difficult, delicate, or foreign problems.

Half a dozen orcs work for Meridian Explorations out of their Chasadan offices, serving as porters, workmen, bodyguards, and animal control for the city. The group is led by Kir Sandeyes, a veteran of the War of the Four Winds and former sergeant for the Ogre Nations. The largest member of the group is a massive orc known as 'Tiny', also a veteran of the Ogre Nations, brawler, and owner of a very tiny brain.

The exploits of M.E. are chronicled in Campaign IX.

The roster for M.E. includes (and has included):
Greff - Team Leader, Brute Squad
Roswyn - Artificer
Ryviik - Manager
Nadar - Smith, Brute Squad
Sorsha - Senior Herald
Arkhan - Paladin of Xynosalionisis
Corrin - Locksmith, Acquisitions
Graven - Bodyguard to the Ducal Mage
Murdoch - Fleet Commander
Balasyr - Arcane Researcher
Hearne - Gardener
Rain - Corporal, Ducal Mage's Guard
Wreckless - Arcane Researcher
Gabe - Junior Herald
Io - Spiritual Advisor
Enna - Arcane Assault
Ivan - Bodyguard
Cerval - Arcane Investigator
Adrik - Divine Investigator
Codrus - Brute Squad
Argoth - (Arcane) Brute Squad

Attached status from Lok Magius:
Felix - Ducal Mage's Assistant

Members of the Guard attached to M.E. includes (but is not limited to):
Aeron - Captain of the Ducal Mage's Guard
Orren - Sergeant of the Ducal Mage's Guard
Kodrin - Corporal in the Ducal Mage's Guard

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