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Character concept by Dave Short, all rights reserved.

Sergeant of the Ducal Mage's Guard (Janis Plains)

Date of Birth: Estimated to be around 1300 Avard.

Current Status: Spring, 1332 Avard. Sergeant Orren is the senior enlisted man in the guard unit assigned to protect the Ducal Mage of the Janis Plains.


Sergeant Orren is one of those grizzled fighters no one messes with unless they have a death wish.


Like the rest of the Janis Plains defectors, Sergeant Orren saw how the Inquisition targeted mages with no evil or intent in them right along with the most vile of necromancers.


Orren is one of those quiet professionals that says little, even when he crushes the skulls of those who are a danger to the world.

4E Stats

7th-level Fighter

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