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Character concept by Bill Self, all rights reserved.

Aetherist of Lok Magius

Date of Birth: Circa 1225 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1332 Avard. Cerval currently works for Meridian Explorations.


Cerval wears brightly colored robes and carries a staff that thumps into the earth with every other step. He is a sylvan elf with light hair and skin, and a tattoo of strange runes on his neck.


He is from the lost elven city of Terace, and escaped the city before its downfall. he is a distant cousin to the Duke of Teras, and a recent graduate of Lok Magius.


Cerval is a happy-go-lucky character, despite being one of the few remaining survivors of sylvan Terace.

4E Stats

12th Level Sorceror or Warlock

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