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Character concept by Ross Rogers, all rights reserved.

Date of Birth: Circa 1233 Avard.

Current Status: Spring, 1332 Avard. Wreckless is currently working for Meridian Explorations, based out of Chasadan, Rakore.


Wreckless is a finely-dressed, apparently unarmed dwarf with a bald head and well-braided beard.


He is actually a changeling that made a dark pact to blend in well with the dwarves. The pact erased his identity, supplanting his own memories of being a changeling.


Wreckless truly believes he is a dwarf, but whenever he sneezes, he reverts for a split second back to changeling. He maintains a dwarven appearance, even while sleeping, and so few even suspect he is anything other than a dwarf. However, he is beginning to suspect that his powers have altered him to some extent, and he is beginning to question his memories.

4E Stats

Dwarven Warlock

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