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Character concept by Caileb Linscomb, all rights reserved.

Corporal of the Ducal Mage's Guard

Date of Birth: Circa 1309.

Current Status: Summer, 1332 Avard. Corporal Kodrin was recently assigned to the Ducal Mage's Guard in Chasadan, Janis Plains, Rakore.


Kodrin wears full plate with a full helm, carrying a large shield and a longsword. He wears a blue tabard of the Guard over his armor, and stands with a rigid, ready-for-war stance.


He had been with the Fourth Crusade since its inception, born during the planning, living during the execution, and breathing in the purpose.


When Talon Bhramord defected, his logic was like a headsman's axe through Kodrin. After spending several months broken and defeated, questioning everything he had ever known, Kodrin awoke from his stupor with renewed purpose: law enforcement, with a vengeance.

4E Stats

15th Level Human Fighter

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