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Graven Eleven

Character concept by Caileb Linscomb, all rights reserved.

Commander, 11th Golems


Date of Construction: Summer, 764 Avard.

Current Status: Spring, 1332 Avard. Graven is currently a bodyguard and ally of the Ducal Mage for the Janis Plains, Rakore.


Graven is a golem, with a skin of burnished steel with silver inlays, and core of carbon steel I-beams. He stands at close to seven feet in height and weighs nearly 400lbs.


War machines were made in plenty during the Storm Wars. A mage by the name of Krevesteka produced several hundreds of them before the concept spread, and sentient or semisentient golems fighting on the front lines became common.

Graven and his mount, along with several other war-forged golems, were shut down in the middle of an intense battle near modern day Chasadan. Floods and other events soon buried the inactivated golems. Graven and his mount were reawoken in 1332 Avard after nearly five centuries asleep.


Knowing his master and his war are lost, Graven complies with limited commands from Hershel Kavris and Meridian Explorations. He has entered a 'follow orders' mode until he can determine his best, most logical course of action. In the meantime, Hershel Kavris, being a mage, can help with minor repairs.

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