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Character concept by Sommer Parish, all rights reserved.

“The universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf.”

Date of Birth: Gril 28.

Current Status: Winter, 1331 Avard. She runs an enchantment shop.


Standing at only 3'6“ and 30 lbs, she is not an imposing character. The impression of a small child is quickly erased with the fully developed form of a small woman. Her movements are quick, sure, and efficient. Her black hair is cropped in a relatively short cut and left to gently brush her shoulders. Large green eyes, a slightly upturned nose, and a cupids mouth seem to take up her entire pixie face. With her fondness for baubles and gewgaws she is seldom unadorned with small bits of colored glass and shiny, decorative metal. Nothing noisy, however, since the ability to be silent has often kept her alive. Her smile is easy and mischievous but her eyes are knowing - leaving the passerby to wonder if she really is a grown woman or a precocious child…

Roswyn, by Sommer Linscomb, Copyright 2010.





4E Stats

Level: 6
Race: Gnome
Class: Artificer
Deity: .
Alignment: Good

Age: Who knows?


STR: 10 (+3) INT: 18 (+7) AC: 18 FORT: 17
CON: 14 (+5) WIS: 16 (+6) HP: 46 REF: 18
DEX: 12 (+4) CHA: 11 (+3) INIT: +4 WILL: 18

Healing Surges: 8 Surge Value: 12
Race Features
Reactive stealth, Fade away, Fey Origin, Trickster's cunning, Master trickster
common, elven

Trained Skills

arcana +14 dungeoneering +11 heal +11 history +12 perception +11

Untrained Skills

acrobatics +4 athletics +3 bluff +3
diplomacy +3 endurance +5 insight +6
intimidate +3 nature +6 religion +7
stealth +6 streetwise +3 thievery +4

Ritual Caster, Fey Trickster, Magic of the Mists, Master Crafter, Skill Power

Artificer at-will: Thundering armor
Artificer at-will: Ethereal chill
Artificer at-will: Fireburst armor
Artificer at-will: Warweavers tether teleport
Artificer encounter: Fade away
Artificer encounter: Ghost sound
Artificer encounter: Healing infusion: Curative mixture
Artificer encounter: Healing infusion: Resistive formula
Artificer encounter: Mage hand
Artificer encounter: Prestidigitation
Artificer encounter: Drain speed
Artificer encounter: Lightning sphere
Artificer daily: Flameburst armor
Artificer daily: Warweaver's tether
Utility power: Restorative infusion
Utility power: Swift Recovery
Utility power: Regeneration infusion

Sling, Aura Kller dagger +1, Accurate staff of Iron Infusion +1, Ritual book, Adventuerer's kit, Robe of contingency cloth armor, Pearl Sea Horse, Gloaming shroud +1, ocarina, brick of healing mint leaves (40 doses left)

Brew potion, Disenchant magic item, Enchant magic item, Make whole, Master Artisan, Temporary fix

Mount Companion
Moxy - riding ram; dark brown color with a creamy underbelly and black horns/hooves

Personality: arrogant and persistant

Equipment: Rat-Killers Barding

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