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Angmarifelixis "Felix" Casparian

Character concept by Ross Rogers, all rights reserved.

Born: 1226 Avard.

Current Status: Assigned to the Ducal Mage of the Janis Plains, and assisting Meridian Explorations


Felix tends to wear loose robes, as well as the rings of Lok Magius – Aetherist, Thaumaturgist, and Arcanist. He carries with him a longsword, and a spellbook with the image of a demon upon it. The demon is, in reality, his familiar – a small, demonic-looking entity with a vicious mouth and a nasty mind.


The son of an Eladrin and a sylvan elf, Felix took after his father and his father's arcane ways. His mother, a sylvan elf from Banoc'bae, is a distant cousin to the king of the elves and an equivalent rank to a baroness. Felix's father died sometime before the War of the Undead, his ashes scattered across the forest floor in the manner of the sylvan elves. This drove a final wedge between Felix and the sylvan elves, and he left in 1282 Avard for distant lands.

However it was Felix came to power in his wanderings, he has been saddled with a demon – literally. His tome has a small demon with an evil little bastard of a familiar that says inappropriate things at inappropriate times.

Felix was a driven mage before his death in late 1331. He saw things, experienced things, that mortals were not meant to experience. When he returned from beyond, waking in an infirmary at Lok Magius, things changed within him. He was more driven, in some ways, more than ever. Even his demon of a familiar was more subdued, more subtle, and more frightened of the things that his master had seen.

Since that time, Felix has been assigned by Lok Magius to the Ducal Mage of the Janis Plains. The concept of a 'ducal mage' was experimented with in the Janis Plains, and the first Ducal Mage was a failure – a necromancer slipped in, killed the real mage, took his place, and sewed chaos. Felix's purpose, then, is to help the Ducal Mage such that the arcane gets a better reputation.


His mother is Aetheneseseleth Kasaen of Inoth'aeck (Banoc'Bae), and his father was Jeraldaenick Kasaen of Giranhad.

Early Life

Felix idolized his eladrin father, a powerful mage during a time of the Inquisition. Taking after his eladrin heritage, Felix never got along well with his mother. He left the sylvan elves of his mother's clan after his father's death, some fifty years ago.


Felix has a laser-focused mind when it comes to history or the arcane, but in most other aspects of life, he is as scatter-brained as a child. Some of that may be the effect of his familiar, or the effect of his powers.

4E Character Sheet

15th Level Wizard

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