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Character concept by David Short, all rights reserved.

Marquis of Fasra
Knight of Rakore
Troll Slayer

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Current Status: Summer, 1332 Avard. Codrus is based out of Chasadan in Rakore, working with Meridian Explorations.


Codrus is a ten foot tall minotaur with a two-handed axe, a nose ring, and some wicked carvings on his horns.


Unlike many of the minotaurs in The Maze, Codrus had empathy. When summoned from The Maze to Gaeleth, Codrus fought as a gladiator in the Alekdan Principalities for a number of years, before feeling the call the 'the maze' in Gaeleth, drawing him on to Rakore.

The fortress of Fasra was beset by five river trolls, and Codrus killed two of them himself. Knighted for his valiant efforts, Codrus was made the Marquis of Fasra.


Codrus likes a challenge – and he hungers for a challenge worthy of his skills.

4E Stats

15th Level Minotaur

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