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Character concept by Bill Self, all rights reserved.

“I can't NOT punch someone to death.”

Born: Sometime around 1295 Avard.

Current Status: Primary Team Leader for Meridian Explorations, based out of Chasadan, Rakore.


Greff is a very unique individual on the face of Gaeleth, knowing neither what he is or from where he comes. He is green in color, and waif thin, wearing a topknot long and braided.


As a githzerai orphan, Greff spent his formative years being bullied and derided. The only adults in Greff early life were the priests of Whalin that took pity on him and dozens of other orphans. The priests, masters of hand-to-hand combat and the unarmed martial arts, taught all of their pupils these skills to help them discipline their minds. The lessons of early childhood were nearly lost when Greff could take no more, and left the orphanage.

Greff grew up on the streets, until he could serve as bouncer and muscle-for-hire in the darker, seedier parts of Teras, Rakore. The small town lived off of fishing, forestry, and the annual flotilla of whalers – conditions that made life hard and made the lower classes even harder. Greff eventually took to 'wet work' – assassination – when his ugly mug and beefy arms were not enough.

A long life of drinking, whoring, and other dirty deeds finally caught up with him while he was in his late 30s or early 40s. Desperate for work in a town where everyone knew his face, and suspected his deeds, he left Teras for Chasadan and answered the call of a mage looking to hire. There, under Ducal Mage Hershel Kavris, Greff found honor, prestige, and dedication.

Greff took over operations of an orc bar in Teras, and renamed it the Green Fist Tavern. The bar manager, Whiteskull, keeps Greff appraised of the situation, finances, and the like. Through the Green Fist Tavern, Greff helped many of the orcs in Teras become a respectable force, earning them positions in the city's Guard.


Greff spent several decades living the rough life. Beginning in 1332 when he started working for Meridian Explorations, he finally learned what real loyalty, honor, and duty were. As the Primary Team Leader for Meridian Explorations, he has earned the respect of nobles and even the King of Rakore. He did more dangerous work in a month with ME than a decade's skulldrudgery accomplished, and came out of that month with wealth, respect, and a newfound sense of belonging.

He is intensely loyal to 'his' orcs, and to ME, having finally learned to reign his temper in. He is still a deadly individual to face, still ugly as can be, but in his travels he is learning restraint. He has also developed a true appreciation for drink; rather than just getting drunk, he has learned to make and understand what goes into good drink. He has begun keeping a log of all the places he has been and the unique drinks available there, with the hopes of creating an alcohol empire.

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16th-level Monk

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