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Character concept by Caileb Linscomb, all rights reserved.

“Point me at em!”

Date of Birth: 1320 Avard.

Current Status: Winter, 1332 Avard. Nadar currently works for Meridian Explorations and the Ducal Mage of the Janis Plains in Rakore. When not working for the duke, Nadar works for the artificer Roswyn as an apprentice smith.


Nadar is a dragonborn well over six feet high and built for destruction. His scales are a reddish color with black spines along the edges of his jaw, brows, elbows, and knees. He wears silvery plate armor and a heavy shield, and wields a flaming battleaxe and carries a large broadsword, in addition to his pack and hunter's kit. Nadar has already accumulated quite a few scars, which are barely visible as slightly discolored scales – his left shoulder, stomach, two on his right feet, and a full-body scar running down one side.

In combat, Nadar often rides a minotaur that's considerate, and focused, with a tendancy to belch loudly.


Nadar's background, like many of the first dragonborn, is somewhat obscured. He arrived in Teras, Rakore, in the fall of 1331 Avard – and has been tight-lipped about his history prior to that time.


The dragonborn has a direct attitude and a short attention span, preferring to attack first and think later. When wounded, Nadar has a tendancy to fall back and go on the defensive. Nadar is a dragonborn of few words, with only two loves in the world: fighting, and everything leading up to the fighting.

Lately, Nadar has taken to using his acid-spraying breath weapon as a means of helping treat the steel he pounds out in Roswyn's forge. His affection for Roswyn as a mother-figure, coupled with his attachment to magical items, has made him quite bound to Roswyn.

4E Stats

5th-level Dragonborn Fighter
Initiative +3
HP 54; Bloodied 27
Healing Surge 15; Surges/Day 11
AC 22; Fortitude 18, Reflex 15, Will 13
Speed 5

Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Draconic
Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate
Feats: Adaptable Breath, Daunting Breath, Armor Proficiency (Plate)
Powers: At Will (Combat Challenge, Weapon Master's Strike, Brash Strike), Encounter Powers (Second Wind, Dragon Breath, Steel Serptent Strike, Deflecting Shield), Daily Powers (Brute Strike, Brutal Advance), Utility Powers (Boundless Endurance)
Str 19 (+6), Con 15 (+4), Dex 12 (+3), Int 11 (+2), Wis 13 (+3), Cha 12 (+3)
Equipment: Adventurer's Kit, Hunter's Kit, Broadsword, Plate Armor, Flaming Battleaxe +1, Couters of Second Chances, Surefoot Boots, Ironskin Belt, Floating (Heavy) Shield.

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