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Character concept by Ross Rogers, all rights reserved.

Prior of Brigain

Date of Birth: Circa 1210 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1332 Avard. Adrik was last seen working for Meridian Explorations.


He is a dwarf of middle years that wears dark leathers that match his dark hair, with silver clasps in his hair and beard. He also wears fine-meshed mithril chain mail over his leathers, and attached to one leather gauntlet is a mithril lightning bold to signify his allegiance to the God of Storms.


Adrik forsook his clan to follow Brigain, the God of Destiny. He made his way to the Tower of Brigain, whom few can find, and after climbing the thousands of steps to the top, withstood the lightning of the Storm God.


Adrik is ruthless, efficient, and mysterious. His motivations are solely to the service of Brigain; Adrik recognizes that he is an agent of Destiny, and often must do strange things to set events in motion that alter the myriad pathways to the future.

4E Stats

12th Level Dwarven Invoker (Brigain)

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