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Campaign IX, Chapter 11, Episode 22

Cleaning the Barn

Location: In the forests south-southeast of Mount Lavanor

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Este, Halite, Nalani, Galadriel, Isaac, Xydeco, Izabella

Another roc-hawke arrived just ahead of the encroaching storm, two orcs bearing a passenger. The passenger dressed all in black, and used a silver amulet to scry upon them – a fact that did not escape Nalani. The passenger was a knight of Rakore named Izabella, tasked with sending Galadriel back to Lok Magius (care of the new roc-hawke), and tasked with protecting Lord Gray Lakes until his trial (causing shared looks between Isaac and Xydeco, Halite and Nalani). Galadriel happily skipped out on the chaos and mess the team seemed to create, leaving a professional and stoic Izabella in her place. As the roc-hawke left, Izabella found herself in a quagmire: Lord Gray Lakes was determined to put himself in danger, clearing out the barn of the carrion-crawlers and rescuing his twin. The team hoped to bring the remaining two roc-hawkes in to deal with the crawlers, but they would likely cause as much damage as rescue, perhaps killing Este's twin and anyone else still inside. Instead, the team worked together, working from above to kill two of the crawlers through the windows of the top of the barn. One of the adult chuul become involved, however, showing that they could climb where the crawlers did not. Xydeco was nearly snatched from the top of the barn roof, but something happened to the chuul's claw, and Xydeco managed to sever it off. The chuul, undeterred, used it's other claw to pull Xydeco from the roof and sweep into the barn – the enchanted vicious spear that had been holding it barred removed by Nalani in an aborted plan the chuul stepped into. Inside the barn, Xydeco managed to escape, but the chuul and the remaining larva crawlers pulled back to Este's twin. Nalani stepped forward and attacked, killing the chuul with necromatic energy, revealing to all of them that she was a necromancer of formidable power. Into this stunning revelation, Este, Isaac, and Halite attended to Este's twin with extreme caution.

Behind the Scenes

Date: TUE27JUN2017

DM's Notes: Organizing play time is a bit difficult with so many families to juggle, but it makes it even more entertaining when you finally can all sit together and play. It's also entertaining watching youngsters learn to separate their characters from themselves and still enjoy playing. It's a difficult thing for SO many people to do: to separate who they are, from who they play or project. I think it's even more difficult when you're a tween or teenager, because you're still learning and exploring who you are. That makes it even harder to separate yourself from your characters in Dungeons & Dragons.

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