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Campaign IX, Chapter 7, Summary

Characters Include (in order of appearance):
Lintrell - played by Paul Sward
Yurok - played by Ross Rogers
Ilith - played by Bill Self
Lucard Wildstep - played by Bo Brennan
Stonda - played by Sam Deutsch
Batri - played by Danny Park
Morion - played by Paul Sward
Madresh - played by Ross Rogers
Halkad - played by Sam Deutsch
Koristhene - played by Paul Sward
Jariskorn - played by Ross Rogers
Lo-Kan - played by Sam Deutsch
Ash - played by Sommer Parish
Shauny - played by Tabitha Deutsch
Riya - played by Sommer Parish
Nedda - played by Sommer Parish
Aragonite Ferric - played by Paul Sward
Thorfinn - played by Ross Rogers
Cornelius - played by Ross Rogers
Padai - played by Sam Deutsch
Ivy - played by Sam Deutsch
Ethana - played by Sommer Parish
Elendil - played by Caileb Linscomb
Lily - played by Saige Linscomb
Special Appearance of Dolon Uther - played by Ross Rogers
Allie - played by Saige Linscomb
Nyssa - played by Sommer Parish
Rip - played by Ross Rogers
Kragma - played by Paul Sward

IX-7-1 - Indenturitude
Lintrell and Yurok retrieved from Hallis Island's prisoner population by Brother Cadwhol, who has created the Procurators Adventuring Guild on paper, but in reality will aid the Star's End monastery in retrieving valuable writings.

IX-7-2 - Spiders in a Storm
Lintrell and Yurok meet Ilith, and the three investigate some ruins south of the monastery. Inside the ruins is a giant spiders' nest and an ancient Karatikan blessing stone.

IX-7-3 - Blood Vines
Lucard Wildstep visits the monastery, and helps Lintrell deal with a blood vine master attempting to get sneak in wearing the skin of a slain monk. Lintrell and several monks are killed in the kitchens.

IX-7-4 - Ring of Stones
Lady Stonda, Banner Paladin of Samis Madresh, the assassin Batri, and the sword mage of fire and ice Morion are tasked with investigating 'ringing stones' near the farm hold of Patricus. They find the tomb of the Autumn Lord Lestelestiyevzh and defeat his undead guardians. Two ancient tapestries are retrieved from the tomb.

IX-7-5 - Wolfrider Bandit
Stonda, her guardian Halkad, and the twin monks Koristhene and Jariskorn are sent on an emergency rescue mission to protect books and scrolls stolen from a caravan that was nearly wiped out. A kobold wolf rider had a document signed by Vedik consigning the hiring of mercenaries to obtain a dragon-scripted book from the caravan. They also find dangerous books that could kill or trap the unwary.

IX-7-6 - Staynair's Steel
The mercenary company known as Staynair's Steel – led by the mage Ehlena Staynair – assaults the monastery. The construction site atop the ridge becomes the site of a battle ground for control of the region and access to the monastery's secrets.

IX-7-7 - Giant Silk Robes
A second band of Staynair's Steel, perhaps unaware that their mistress had fallen, is preyed upon by a Nabrolian hill giant that has allied itself with ambush spiders. The Procurators prove victorious against an ambush, and come away with spider silk armor.

IX-7-8 - Demon Tailor
The tailor Kauvil in Kashin got ahold of Argunas' holy book, and used it to summon a demon to his bidding. The monastery wanted the book, as it was a rare copy in the demonic script. After sending the demon back where it came from – with Kauvil – the team found the book.

IX-7-9 - Rotten Priest
An orc priest of Mazripos slipped into the catacombs of the monastery, along with several other orcs. One of them was an orc elite known as a mohawk. The orcs were cleared out, but there were questions as to what they were after.

IX-7-10 - Vine Master
The Autumn Lord tapestry showed the location of an ancient dwarven mine, long thought lost. The area was saturated with blood vines, and a blood vine master that controlled them. A firestorm was used to burn them back to the ruins, but no one could go in.

IX-7-11 - To Skin a Frog
Orc records were absconded by a hidden valley of grippli. The records were written on grippli skins by Itzak during his explorations of the west. After intimidating the primitives, negotiations were made in good faith.

IX-7-12 - Orc Harvest
The Tikranor Plateau has bits of ebonite ore scattered about its surface. The monastery needed some for their ebonite supplier, as it was used to conjure the shadar. Yurok established a faux trading company to trade with the orcs, the monastery got its ebonite and a promise of more.

IX-7-13 - Aerie of Slaves
The Autumn Lord's tapestry indicated a place known as Ocle Vian located on Rainbow Mountain. Ocle Vian translated in the olde tongues to Rainbow Mage. Inside a hard-to-access, magically warded fortress, a giant gelatinous cube wandered amongst chaotic chalcopyrite blasters and empty slave quarters.

IX-7-14 - Defaced Magic
Ruins deep within the forest had the remains of a grand temple that used to be of Agincoth, but was defaced and cursed by the Inquisition. The catacombs below the broken temple held ancient scrolls and books – and arcane magics in the area go terribly awry.

IX-7-15 - Red Steel Monk
An exchange in Firland is intercepted by a lady in red silks and red steel. Vassidi, priestess of Samis…

IX-7-16 - Master Tarshel
Summary forthcoming.

IX-7-17 - Edward Gray
Summary forthcoming.

IX-7-18 - A Visit to the Spa
Summary forthcoming.

IX-7-19 - The Ionian Guardian
Summary forthcoming.

IX-7-20 - Undead Trees
Summary forthcoming.

IX-7-21 - The Merchant's Treehouse, Part 1
Summary forthcoming.

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