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Dolon Uther

Character concept by Ross Rogers, all rights reserved.

Date of Birth: Dolon was born Vor 9, 1304 Avard.

Current Status: Winter, 1332 Avard. Dolon has set up a black market business in Kur Maeth with aims to undermine the kingdom of Rakore. With aid from the Inquisition, Dolon ships agents and anti-Rakoran goods west.


Standing 5'7'' and weighing 155 pounds, Dolon doesn't make for a very impressive figure. He is, however, very lithe and sinewy and fairly handsome. He has a clean, shaved face, not-quite shoulder length straight brown hair (normally tied back into a pony tail), and an impressive voice despite his size. He wears magical serpentskin leather armor, eerily silent leather boots, and his two most prized possessions, sharkskin gloves and a leather adventuring hat with a sharkskin band, created by Liffey Rossin.


Dolon Uther was born into semi-wealth and privilege as the son of nobles of a relatively weak tribe of humans before the War of the Undead on the 9th of Vor, in the year 1304 Avard. Educated fairly well due to his class standing until the age of 12, war with the undead and the subsequent assimilation, integration, and formation of the new nation of Rakore abruptly ended his formal education. In 1316, when Chief Ulrich Graniteshoulders founded Rakore and declared himself king, there was a redistribution of power and an overhaul of the classes that had been in place for many generations. Where Dolon's family once commanded some amount of influence, the king's stripping of power and command had filled the void with disinterest and disrespect. Although the king had saved Dolon's family and many like it, through his courageous actions, he had sewn some discord in some of the established peoples of new Rakore. Too angry at the king to see the gift of life that had been awarded him, Dolon's father set about regathering his influence and attempting to undermine the new king. Using contacts and what loyal supporters he had left, he managed to hijack a small shipment of weapons that were bound for front line defense against the undead. He smuggled the weapons out of the country by secret ship on the southern coast to the city-state of Kur Maeth, hoping that the Nabrolian led city would present problems for the king later. On the return voyage, his ship was intercepted by a Rakoran Navy vessel and he and his crew were taken into captivity and the gold was commandeered to serve in the treasury of Rakore. There was a quick trial for treason and execution for the conspirators. Dolon and his mother were forced to move to the city of Teras and remain under house arrest by mandate of the trial. Dolon's mother, overcome with shame and grief, killed herself, Dasad 22, 1319.

The barony at the time, who was still watching over the household, sent Dolon to train with the irregulars (so he could be watched to see if he was of like mind as his father), where he learned scouting and stealth. After a few months of training, he was picked out for his sharp mind and attention to details and made as a servant to an emissary of the baron. He spent several years as a servant to the emissary, learning new languages, official writing, and gaining diplomatic skills before he was finally released from his service.

Dolon hired himself out independently to further the interests of whatever benefactor happened to be paying him at the time. Mainly, Dolon was hired to spread influence of certain companies or names and gain the trust of new trade partners. On several occasions, when Dolon's employers needed to befriend a certain tribe or village, Dolon would have to complete a mission for that tribe or village. Often the peoples would require a show of skill to prove that an alliance with that employer would be beneficial, in which Dolon would be required to sneak into an enemy or neighboring village and retrieve something of significant value to either tribe. Rarely, one of the tribes would simply want to know what their neighbor had and where it was, and ask Dolon to map it out. Dolon soon learned to appreciate the value that people have for maps, and found he had quite a knack for making them quickly, accurately, and with much detail.

Dolon received an offer from a mage known as Horbe – an offer that reputed to pay well, to put his cartographic skills to use in finding something for a rich benefactor of Horbe's. He met with Horbe at the Red Flagon on the 1st day of Summer, at high noon, to hear more, and wound up sailing not long after on a ship known as the Dellistar with several others working for Horbe. The circumstances of their sailing and the mission they left on left them all with more questions than answers.


Dolon is quite personable and easy to get along with. A strong, emphatic speaker, quite clever, and very detail oriented. He is often seen making maps in his downtime on trips. Inwardly, Dolon grieves the loss of his parents, yet realizes his father's actions were foolish and poorly thought out. He very rarely shows his grief, and only shows it when he is alone. One thing that Dolon hates, yet intrigues him to no end, are games of chance. No amount of attention to details can affect a pure chance game. For this reason, Dolon hates them, and yet finds them irresistible.

4E Stats

8th Level Human Rogue
Initiative +8
HP 57; Bloodied 28
Healing Surge 14; Surges/Day 6
AC 21; Fortitude 14, Reflex 21, Will 18
Speed 6

Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Eladrin, Elven, Sholin, Orcish(O'Olphariz), Draconic, Karatikan, Celestial
Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Dungeoneering, Bluff, Stealth, Streetwise, Thievery, Perception, Nature
Feats: Alertness, Linguist, Skill Focus: Stealth, Weapon Proficiency: Rapiers, Backstabber, Initiate of the Old Faith
Powers: At Will (Piercing Strike, Deft Strike, Sly Flourish, Wild Shape), Encounter Powers (King's Castle, Bait and Switch, Cloud of Steel, Savage Rend),Daily Powers (Trick Strike, Downward Spiral), Utility Powers (Adaptable Flanker, Vexing Flanker)
Str 11 (+0) Con 10(+0) Dex 18(+4) Int 13(+1) Wis 14(+2) Cha 16(+3)
Equipment: Exquisite leather adventurer's hat with sharkskin band, +1 Serpentskin leather armor, Boots of Stealth, sharkskin gloves, +2 staggering rapier, short sword, sling, boot dagger, five healing potions, all quest maps, adventurer's pack, thieves' tools, climber's kit, giant snake fang, 5 giant snake scales, warrior figurine, bluish glass vial, 2343 gold pieces, 12 pieces of chalk, 10lbs of raw silver ore, blackmail information, Serendin's Dagger, Serendin's Ring, Serendin's Shield.

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