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Campaign IX, Chapter 7, Episode 16

Master Tarshel

Location: Star's End Monastery, Takanal

Date: Winter, 1332 Avard

Characters: Koristhene, Jariskorn, Ethana, Allie

Master Tarshel was a nephew of the duke in Teras, a mage, and a ruthless, arrogant elf used to getting his way. After learning through a contact that a tome he sought was being transported from Takanal to the Star's End, he set up an ambush not far from the monastery. He brought a sniper and several of his elven liege men with him, and set up camp beside the roadway.

A bard by the name of Yarlin was one of several people to pass by the encampment. Yarlin was invited in to sing, and rewarded with more ale and wine than he could handle. He left rather drunk, spreading the 'good news' of a wonderful encampment in the direction of Takanal.

The monastery's team arrived towards nightfall later that day. Tarshel invited them to join his company against the night stalkers, while his sniper and his men analyzed the monastery's team. The team's only combat asset was an armored dwarf that rode a dire boar. Traveling with them was one of the rare, winged ariel, and two servants. They made a story of being escorts for the ariel, but Tarshel knew the real prize was the tome.

In the morning, as they set out together in force towards the Star's End, Tarshel made a fair offer for the tome. He upped the price again and again, until he hit his limit of 1500gp in a chest he had brought along for the purpose. The team from the monastery refused him one last time, and he ordered his men to attack.

Tarshel's Hand, his sniper, pinned them down while the master himself brought down an ice storm upon the monastery's minions. Several more blasts of mage fire and acid, coupled with the leaf blades of his liege men, nearly destroyed the monastery's team. Unfortunately, something untowards occurred.

The dwarf was a rune priest of Galgiran, the God of Smithing. The ariel was a priest of Habrem, the Goddess of Songs. The two servants were skilled fighters in hand-to-hand combat. The tide turned, and quickly. Within moments, Master Tarshel, his Hand, and the two surviving liege men were captured.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU27MAR2014

DM's Notes: It was a dark and stormy night. I thought it was going to be a TPK (Total Party Kill) in the first few rounds, but after the surprise wore off, the team responded well. Between the two priests, they had Damage Reduction 10 for a round – and the sniper's arrows turned to dust or shattered on impact with even the bare flesh of the team. He surrendered. Tarshel was not so bright; he fought until the last, and sealed his fate. He would later be ransomed back to his uncle for 'favors owed' to the Goddess of Darkness.

Reference: Campaign IX

Saige (Allie)

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Sommer (Ethana)

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