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Campaign IX, Chapter 7, Episode 3

Blood Vines

Location: Star's End Monastery

Date: Fall, 1332 Avard

Characters: Lintrell and Lucard_Wildstep

Yurok and Ilith were ordered to Boulderdash by Brother Irol to visit a farmer that might have been possessed, leaving Lintrell alone. Lucard Wildstep was at the monastery getting a lich's spell-protected tomes translated, and fell in with Lintrell, who wandered like a lost puppy without Yurok there. Together, they became embroiled in an attack on the monastery by a bloodvine master that could bring bloodvine's into being – vines whose thorns could literally drain the blood of those they attack. The bloodvine master killed one of the monks, and entered the monastery using the monk's bones, skin, and robes (the entrails and muscles having been drained dry and left in the woods). The kitchens turned into a blood bath as a second monk was killed before the bloodvine master was cut down by Lucard's scythe. Two bloodvines brought into being by the master attacked and killed Lintrell before they were finally defeated in a whirlwind of attacks by the monks.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU26SEP2013

DM's Notes: Bo made it in from China, and Paul was able to take off a bit early from work – but no word at all from Ross or Bill! Dinner was pizza in massive quantities, followed by poor rolls and the death of Lintrell. I've given Paul the option of rebuilding Lintrell or starting a new character. If Lintrell continues, he'll likely be brought back by the monks (and their priestess) to finish his indenturitude.

Reference: Campaign IX

Paul (Lintrell)

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Bo (Lucard)

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