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Character concept by Ross Rogers, all rights reserved.

Honorific Title: The Butcherbear


Date of Birth: Trilan 10, 1306 Avard.

Current Status: Winter, 1331 Avard. Lo-Kag is in search of information about Duke Henrik Kamus, as well as the Duke's long lost weapon.


Standing eight feet tall and weighing 450 pounds, he is large, even for a goliath. His skin is slightly grayish with asymmetrical brown patches that cover his body, giving him a mottled look. His skin is also covered in what look like massive bone growths, under his skin, on his joints and brow giving him the craggy look of living, moss-spotted stone. Aside from his rocky features, he is the picture perfect form of athleticism and strength, the epitome of fitness and endurance.


His mother gave birth to him even as the Frost Orc Offensive was being waged full-scale just outside her tent. Born Lo-Kag Thunukalathi, he was covered in blood within the first few minutes of his life. Even as the orc lay dead near him and his mother panted, blood splattered across her face, umbilical cord still attached, Lo-Kag laughed.

He was raised to adolescence within his tribe in the Risan Mountains where he was taught combat skills and the glory of battle. As was customary for goliath boys at his age, he was traded into apprenticeship to one of the many Krazag-Bur dwarf metal workers for a few expertly crafted tools and weapons. Aside from learning the metalworking trade, Lo-Kag was required to guard the mountain with many of his brethren from the constant threat of orc attack. On one such attack, Lo-Kag showed such immense skill at dispatching the enemy with fearlessness, that he was awarded a coveted spot on a Dwarven Counter Assault Team. Such teams would locate and ambush roving bands of orcs that were setting up their own ambushes for the dwarves and goliaths.

Before long he earned himself the honorific title of “Butcherbear” for charging straight into battle and cleaving enemies with his enormous executioner's axe.

His ten years of service to his dwarven master came to an end just as news of some far away land by the name of Rakore started to flow in.


Lo-Kag was born for the battlefield. His militaristic upbringing giving him a strong arm and an even stronger stomach for death. He is inherently good at heart, but will not hesitate to use brutal violence when necessary. Many may perceive him to be on the darker side of good; more subjective things such as torture and the breaking of a few bones to intimidate are perfectly normal behavior for him. He only kills when there is honor to be gained or given, and when he is defending himself or allies.

Kag never shows fear, even in the face of death, choosing instead to laugh. Though he is not overly intelligent, he is not completely moronic; while me may miss the punchline of a joke or the subtleties of diplomacy, he may know better than anyone the signs of aggressive body language or when somebody is trying to hide something from him.

4E Stats

9th Level Goliath Barbarian
Initiative +5
HP 81; Bloodied 40
Healing Surge 20; Surges/Day 11
AC 21; Fortitude 21, Reflex 16, Will 16
Speed 6

Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Dwarven, broken Common.
Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate
Feats: Weapon Proficiency: Execution Axe, Improved Rageblood Vigor, Skill Focus: Intimidate, Weapon Focus: Axe, Weapon Expertise: Axe
Powers: At Will: Howling Strike, Recuperating Strike
Encounter Powers: Stone's Endurance, Swift Charge, Avalanche Strike, Blade Sweep, Tide of Blood
Daily Powers: Rage Strike, Rage Drake's Frenzy, Silver Phoenix Rage, Stone Bear Rage
Utility Powers: Primal Vitality, Laugh it Off
Str 20 (+4) Con 18(+3) Dex 12(+1) Int 10(+0) Wis 11(+0) Cha 13(+1)
Equipment: Transference Execution Axe +2, Screaming Hide Armor +2, longspear, adventurer's pack, smith's tools.

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