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A race of humanoids ranging from seven to eight feet tall. Their skin is gray or brown, mottled with darker patches, and speckled with lithoderms, coin-sized growths of bone that appear like pebbles, studding their arms, torso, shoulders, and head. The males tend to have no hair, and females tend to have dark hair, worn long and in braids. Most are very athletic and muscle-bound, even the females. They live almost entirely in the Risan Mountains in small nomadic tribes. The tribes never war with each other out of mutual respect and a common enemy, the frost orcs, whom they have been warring with for well over two thousand years. The goliath are a very militaristic race, and as harsh as the mountains they live in. The old and the unfit go into self-imposed exiles away from their respective tribes so as to not weaken it as a whole.

The goliath's own creation theory states that Tromth, the God of Earth split open a moss-covered boulder and the first goliath came out, axe in hand. Tromth sent a stone giant to crush this strange creature from the boulder, only to watch in horror as the creature cleaved the stone giant in two, at the waist. The goliath drank the stone giant's blood granting him immense strength and the power of the rock and mountains, gaining Tromth's favor. Even to this day, some goliath refer to themselves as “Boulderkin.” Many goliath now worship KTath, claiming retribution for the frost orcs, while still other goliath have converted to the worship of the gods of their dwarven allies: Galgiran and Mikindim.

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