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Mikindim, God of Work

“Build as though your soul depended upon it.”

Symbol: arch

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Portfolio: engineering, sanitation, work

Worshippers: engineers, workers

Cleric Alignments: LN, LG, LE

Domains: strength, earth, knowledge, law

Favored Weapon: heavy pick

Animal Totems: oxen, ants, bees


The followers of Mikindim believe that individuals are ephemeral, but civilizations are built by structures and engineers. They feel that well-planned, well-done work will outlast them – and serve to immortalize them. The church of Mikindim helps to spread the works of engineers and hard workers, guaranteeing them work, as well as protection.

Physical Description

Mikindim is depicted in statues as a short, compact man or dwarf with massively muscled arms and legs, in short sleeves and shorts. He sports a balding head with a long, gray beard, and a good-sized belly. His stance is always pensive and thinking, and his pick-axe lies over one shoulder.


During the Age of Peace that arose after the Shaping Wars, there rose a cry for engineers and architects, peace-makers and workers. The first Chosen of Mikindim was a human engineer and an architect, that was leading a work crew laying the foundation for a capital building in ancient Mepherina. The Chosen, Dylanth son-of-Tier, studied under the priests of Agincoth for two decades before moving on to his calling as an engineer and an architect. Mepherina's emphasis on hard work and enduring architecture went well with Dylanth's personal views of life – and then he discovered the Relic of Mikindim. The god spoke to his first follower in a voice that shattered stone and bent steel, and yet left Dylanth untouched. Dylanth quickly rose to the task, with experience as both a student and a teacher, as well as experience with the bureaucracy of Mepherina. Making converts among the workers and under-classes, Mikindim became a powerful deity among both humans and dwarves. When the Karatikan Alliance arose, Mikindim joined with Avard Karatikan to build the roads, cities, and cathedrals of the north and east. During the Storm Wars, as Nathel brutally subjugated land after land, Mikindim's priests and followers provided the backbone of support to keep the war effort going in the face of overwhelming odds. Mikindim is still a powerful force for building peace and civilization, with a well-oiled bureaucratic machine and thoroughly educated and motivated work forces and followers.


Mikindim's Relic was melted inside of a large pick-axe, and placed upon the statue of the god in Karmen. The Relic causes the statue to glow with a holy light – and infused the statue with life during the worst battle of the Storm Wars, in which Karmen itself nearly fell to the Dark Race and an arsenal of rik-golems and Nathelian giants.


The Church of Mikindim focuses solely on building the foundations of civilization, no matter the nation or the people, no matter the odds or the difficulty. The Chosen is herself one of the most skilled architects on the face of Gaeleth, and the church maintains schools and universities dedicated to engineering and architecture. In addition, its priests cater to the under-class of workers and builders that make up the heart of any functioning government. The church advises rulers on the building of sewers, the nature of defensive fortifications, and the creation of bureaucratic safeties to encourage peace and the good treatment of workers. Sometimes viewed as stodgy and mired in paperwork, the church pushes for peace among all nations – sometimes past the need for war. The priests and the Disciples see war and the destruction it brings as anathema to the peace necessary for building and maintaining a well-ordered and structured government. One of the dictates of the church is, “Frivolry is not luxury; purpose must be known.” In that dictate, the church maintains an open policy of truth and dedication to purpose, and abstains from useless designs and ornamentation that detracts from functionality. The heart of the Church is a building in Karmen known as the Vishnael'Dur – a massive, domed building with tall spires and a huge seating capacity. The Vishnael'Dur throws light to every corner of the building with cleverly arrayed mirrors, plates of metal, statues with shields, silver inlays, and highly polished marble.

Both humans and dwarves worship Mikindim, and the dwarven-aspect of the god has made large inroads to the Church of Galgiran, at least among those dwarves in human lands.

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