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Frost Orc

The frost orcs of Gaeleth tend to have a number of adaptations to living in the glaciers and tundras of Gaeleth. Their hair tends to be gray or white in color, and rather thin and dry. Frost orcs tend to have thick, leathery skin that ranges in color from light gray to light blue, with several shades in-between that blend in well with snowy and icy backgrounds. Because they have been exposed to the extreme brightness of the snowy days, the frost orcs have lost their light sensitivity in several ways. Frost orcs tend to be hardier and more cunning than their cousins, though somewhat physically weaker in terms of strength than other orcs. Because of this, they are usually shorter, but more robust.

Frost orcs are found in the far northern regions of northern Galanath, in Nabroleth, and in Grucheth. They tend to speak Orc (O'Olphariz and Lurvase dialects) and the Giant's tongue.

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