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Campaign IX, Chapter 12, Episode 01

Stolen Blades

Location: Kashin

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Damaia, Clyde, Peri

A cleric of Brigain recruits a thief and a mage to help her retrieve something from one of the most heavily guarded fortresses in all Rakore. The object is an elven shortsword that had been hafted to a pole to make it a crude glaive, of sorts. The tiefling mage crafted a clever plan to infiltrate the fortress legally and make it to the armory. With the object in their hands, the guard behind them cried, “Thief!” – for the thief couldn't help himself, and stole a highly visible dagger that was suddenly missing.

Behind the Scenes

Date: cSEP2017

DM's Notes: Caileb and his girlfriend wanted to play, and of course Sommer and Saige are always up for a session, so… Here we be! Given that dumped biblical rain on us, we kind of needed a distraction.

Reference: Campaign IX
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Sommer (Damaia)

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Caileb (Clyde)

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Sualy (Peri)

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