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Campaign IX, Chapter 12, Episode 02

The Duke's Fortress

Location: Kashin

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Damaia, Clyde, Peri, Zarolie

Clyde managed to skillfully deposit the stolen dagger on a guard, so that when searched, he did not have it. The 'page' that had obviously led the group to the armory was missing, and suddenly the door to the armory slammed shut – with the armorer outside. Damaia's illusion disappeared at the same time a door was closed. Despite the apparent page problem, the group was brought before the duke. Peri and Damaia explained the situation, and helped Clyde dig himself out of a rather embarrassing gaffe.

Behind the Scenes

Date: cNOV2017

DM's Notes: Second session for Caileb and his girlfriend. After the session, Caileb let me know that she didn't want so much of the limelight, and feels her character is too important. I think they want a more light-hearted game with less at stake. I can work with that.

Reference: Campaign IX
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Sommer (Damaia)

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Caileb (Clyde)

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Sualy (Peri)

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Zarolie (Saige)

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