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Campaign IX, Chapter 8, Episode 3

Two-Headed River Troll

Location: Teras

Date: Late Spring, 1333 Avard

Characters: Ignacio, Iris, Sariel, Dannamai, Tempest, Raike

The caravan moved off towards the north at a sedate pace until close to sunset. Sariel's arcane powers set the camp, and all the others had to do was take care of the animals. Young Tasha was entranced with Dannamai, seeking solace in the blind elf's calm. Ignacio cooked several of the tomanth tails he had taken. Raike found a pair of sandals hanging from a tree, sodden with rain and perhaps left by accident during the squalls of several days past. Iris took care of her elephant, while Tempest moved through his katas with the sword, relaxing after a rough day.

They ate, they drank, they relaxed, they talked, and they made music together. They were getting ready to go to bed, Tempest on the first shift, the bonfire beginning to quiet down, when something in the water caught Tempest's attention. Being bonded to the water as he was, what approached was as a nightmare to him; something enormous moved through the waters. Several somethings, each of them making their own bow wave – and then they broke the surface quickly, racing towards the caravan.

Trolls. Four river trolls, each nine feet tall, were flanking a two-headed troll nearly twelve feet tall. One of the two-headed troll's heads was wearing a leather cuirass about its ears.

Sariel, Iris, and Dannami, all sensitive to the arcane, could feel the hard planes of blue-tinged abjuration magic about the leather cuirass.

Tongues of fire, rings of acid, illusions, invisible bolts, and a myriad of powerful arcane spells poured into the trolls. Within a minute, the nine foot trolls were dead, bubbling as they dissolved in an acid field. The twelve foot tall, two-headed troll was suspended in the air thirty feet over the ground, floating there until fire finished it off.

The enchanted cuirass had given the troll some protection against fire, but nowhere near enough against the onslaught of six arcane-touched, hard living, road-toughened gypsies.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU29MAY2014

DM's Notes: I'd hoped to have one of the trolls grab someone or something and then run back to the river. In the river, they would have been even more difficult to defeat – fire would not have harmed them, as they were river trolls. Fortunately for the party, they never had to deal with that. It took damn near three hours, but they slaughtered the trolls inside of half a minute.

Reference: Campaign IX

Sommer (Dannamai and Sairel)

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Paul (Tempest)

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Ross (Raike)

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Sam (Ignacio)

Our band made quick work of those river trolls! We have some very unique characters, each with their own set of skills that can make for some complex battles. Good recap, Joe.

I think we need to name our band. Any ideas?

Saige (Iris)

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