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Hadarai Jelenneth

Character concept by Fred Feeley, all rights reserved.

Date of Birth: Unknown; believed to be 1261 Avard or thereabouts.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. After answering a well-paying summons from the mage known as Horbe, Hadarai set sail for distant lands with more questions than answers. Now he knows neither where he is, nor what happened to him!


Hadarai stands at six foot one. His eyes are the color of midnight with no pupils to be seen. His hair is silvery white and hangs to his mid-back. He has a scar on his right cheek from a close call with an arrow that grazed him. He wears royal inquisitor robes of dark blue and silver that tell of his family position and nobility. He carries with him a wooden staff that was given to him at the mage school that he now attends.


Hadarai was the son of two High Inquisitors. His father was well known throughout the lands and was very influential inside the churches. He was cold and almost cruel to those who surrounded him. Even his son and his wife (another inquisitor) were at the mercy of his sudden bursts of anger and judgment.

His mother was also cold and emotionless. Maybe at one time in her life, she may have known joy. But being married to Hadarai's father, the years had taken its toll on her. She did love her son though, in her way, she protected him from the harshest of punishments by diverting her husband's thoughts into more pressing matters.

Hadarai himself was just the opposite. The boy was warm and caring, sweet almost naive at the ways of the world. He was always patient with fellow classmates and would go out of his way to please people. He excelled in his studies to become an inquisitor just like his parents, not because he was really interested in harming mages and wizards, but to please his parents. He wasn't too keen on violence as a child. He always thought that people should talk things out. It always seemed to be better to do this than come to blows. People would always get hurt and nothing was ever solved this way. His mentality about all of this would soon change.

He had studied hard for his exams. They were taken two days prior and he sat at home with his mother late one night while his father retrieved his scores. They heard the father approaching in the night and Hadarai sat there with his hands shaking around a mug of ale that his mother was making him drink to calm him down. All he kept thinking about was passing these exams and then he could start the training to become an actual inquisitor.

Suddenly the door burst open. Hadarai and his mother looked up startled to see his father standing there seething with rage. Before he could utter a word of protest his father grabbed him up from where he was sitting, cast aside the cup of ale and tossed him towards the wall. The mother shouted for him to stop and ran to assist Hadari but the father backhanded her and she fell into a chair and knocked herself over backward.

His father was cursing his name as he laid blow after blow upon poor Hadarai's head as he accused him of cheating on his exams. Naturally the boy protested and tried to stop the fists that were slamming into his already aching skull. After a few more well placed punches the father backed up and with acid in his voice declared to his still stunned mother that Hadarai had achieved the highest scores ever in the exams for his level. He had earned a perfect score.

She looked at her husband with distaste and said that the boy had simply studied hard and that she wasn't surprised, after all, he took after her side of the family. Her words were like darts aimed at her husband and it worked. He threw himself at her, slapping her across her face, sending her flying into a bookcase and down unto the floor – this time, she didn't get up.

He turned back back to his son and came charging at him. This time Hadarai was ready. From the minute his father had begun the assault on him and his mother, he felt a chill cascade through his blood and reach his heart. That chill began to burn in him. He felt anger, rage, betrayal and fear all surface in him and he knew exactly how to deal with this. The father stepped closer and raised his hand to deal one heavy blow to Hadarai when the boy stood.

The blow came tumbling down and Hadarai grabbed his hand in mid swing. The boy twisted his father's fist and threw it aside. He then gathered all his strength and pushed on his father's chest, sending him skidding along the floor. Never again was this man going to lay a hand on him and his mother.

The father grabbed for a shelf to hold himself steady and reached for a sword on the wall. He had stumbled back underneath a balcony supported by a single wooden beam in the center. The chill that had stolen through his veins now pulsed at the center of his mind like shards of glass. The father steeled himself to rush forward, the mother finally coming to consciousness and crying out in pain, and thats when it happened.

The boy pointed his finger at the support beam and muttered three words with force and determination. These three words ended his fathers life. For in that brief moment of self awareness and assuredness, a blue and silver ball took shape in the air in front of him and he hurled it with all his might towards the post.

It splintered and tore with a boom and the balcony above collapsed and eradicated his father. The last look on his face was that of disbelief and fear. Payback's a bitch.

The mother jumped up from where she had witnessed the event as bells and the calls of the watch begun to wail all around them. Without a word she gathered her son to her and they both ran. Out of the door, down the road heading towards the docks. Behind them, they could hear the thundering of hooves of the oncoming inquisition. Magic had been done on their lands and they were going to destroy it.

Panting and yelling for a ship captain she steered him towards a far off dock. Lights burned on a ship that was just beginning to cast off. Apparently she knew the captain well as he greeted her at the gang-plank. Hadarai's mother threw her son at the captain and begged him to set sail with him. To take him to Rakore and to hurry. The captain simply nodded his head and looked at her troubled.

Hadarai protested that she should come with them and the mother was hurling herself forward to jump aboard when she was struck down with an arrow. Hadarai saw it pierce her from behind and as he reached for her she fell short. He reached out to grab her and yank her aboard when another arrow grazed the his right cheek. It caused him to flinch and the fingers that would have found his mother's arms and drag her onto the ship found only empty air. With an audible splash his mother was gone.

He lunged for the side of the boat when the captain grabbed him, looked him in the eye, reared back his head and head bunted Hadarai. And that was the last thing he remembered.

Hadarai was deeply surprised when he actually woke up the next day. Furthermore, he was surprised at the fact that he wasn't bound and chained awaiting trial. Instead he found himself in the captain's quarters aboard a ship flying across the ocean. He heard sounds of people rushing back and forth and lots of shouting.

Suddenly the door flung open and the captain, another Elderin like himself, looked at him and came to the side of his bed. He introduced himself as Captain Erevan Theirastra and sat down next to Hadarai as he lay in his bed. Something about the man's gaze made Hadarai comfortable, not only was this man a high elf like himself, there was something in his eyes…something familiar….

“Your mother is dead. We tried to retrieve her but did not succeed. The inquisition is hot on our tails now and we are fleeing to take you to safety. Whatever you did back there … their attention. They have sent three ships after me. Luckily the Alahandra is a fast vessel. I am sorry about your head. I couldn't have you panicking on me. We had to get you out of there. So you just lie back there and hold on to the bed. You look a little green under the gills anyway, you've been through a great deal young man. However, things are gonna be alright.”

Something about the way he spoke, something that took him far beyond the trance states that he was used to lulled him into sleep. Deep, down, far down until he knew no more.

He was afraid. He didn't know what was happening all he knew is he seen his mother. She was dead yet she stood before him, but something was different, she was happy. She looked radiant and beautiful. None of the coldness that etched her eyes in life seemed to be there. “Your going to be safe now my son. My secret will keep you safe and has vowed to protect you when it can. I love you more than you ever knew. Please take care of yourself and remember who you are and never be ashamed of it. Avenge me, avenge us, and remember to always look fear in the eyes.”

In the weeks and months to follow her words echoed in his mind as he was taken under the wings of the Mage's guild. They taught him it wasn't a crime to be who he was and possess the abilities that he had. He learned the ways of arcane magic and learned about the world of magic and discovered that it wasn't the sin that the inquisition made it to be.

He excelled at his studies naturally and he took to practicing with flair. Joy replaced the sorrow that his heart carried with him but he never removed the robes that his father had insisted he wear. It was a reminder for him to carry out the mission his mother had given him as he slept that night aboard the ship that had carried him to safety.

He kept in contact with the captain of the Alahandra as much as possible, learning from him as well about life at sea and just enjoying the man's presence in his life. He really seemed to care about Hadarai and payed a great deal of attention to stories that the boy would tell him about his studies. He spent countless hours aboard his ship and sometimes even slept in the same quarters as this man. He never seemed to be irritated with Hadarai's constant questions and even made sure that he was comfortable enough to be around his crew members, who all took to the young boy and cheered his success.

He was happy. Happier than he had ever been but his heart ached to take the mission his mother put him on to the test. He was ready, or so he felt in his heart, to avenge the past and make sure that his mother did not die in vain.

Personal Quest

To come face-to-face with the lead inquisitor for Kur Maeth.

4E Stats

2nd Level Eladrin Wizard
Initiative +3
HP 25; Bloodied 12
Healing Surge 6; Surges/Day 6
AC 15; Fortitude 10, Reflex 14, Will 14
Speed 6

Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Elven
Trained Skills: Arcana, History, Intimidate, Religion
Feats: Alertness, Ritual Casting
Powers: At Will (Magic Missile, Scorching Burst), Encounter Powers (Icy Terrain), Daily Powers (Flaming Sphere)
Rituals: Animal Messenger, Magic Mouth, Make Whole
Str 10(+0) Con 11(+0) Dex 16(+3) Int 18(+4) Wis 13(+1) Cha 12(+1)
Equipment: adventurer's pack, quarterstaff, ritual book.

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