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Character concept by Caileb Linscomb, 2010, all rights reserved.

“Heeeey..! That's not right!”

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Current Status: Winter, 1332 Avard. Kuori is currently in Chasadan, Rakore, occasionally working for Meridian Explorations.


Kuori is a young goliath male nearly eight feet tall with a two-handed axe. He wears a skull mask and a fur cloak made from the pelt of a massive snowfell wolf.


The goliaths hail from the Risan Mountains, and Kuori is a long way from home. He's searching for a clan artifact that was stolen from his people, and the trail led him to Rakore.


Kuori continues to search for his clan artifact, and will lay the edge of his blade against anyone that gets in the way. Kuori lost the trail in Chasadan, Rakore, and is biding his time until he can resume the search.

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