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Campaign IX, Chapter 10, Episode 08

Orcs in the Pass

Location: Rilan, Takanal, Grand Maul Pass

Date: Autumn, 1333 Avard

Characters: Enialis, Nyx, Eva, Marcus, Morderain

Brevit notes:
* Team left Rilan after the burn and sailed upriver.
* They investigate the sunken hulk of the Scorched Earth on the way to Takanal.
* Records and evidence indicates one of their five arcanogens became living sand.
* Local mercs in Takanal assist the investigation.
* One of the five escaped into the wilds, though he didn't stray far.
* Three of the five (including the escapee) were young friends: Grelvin, Rankin, and Tanny.
* The fourth was Vilhelm, caught in Lena.
* The fifth was an orc trader who had escaped up to the pass, named Tarst.
* After a night at the Seven Sisters, they tried to track Grelvin, the escapee.
* The ranger helped, but Nyx and Eva's Kai found him up in a tree – and he attacked.
* After killing Grelvin in self defense, they returned his body to the town.
* They went up into the pass to the orc trading village in search of Tarst.
* Marcus and Eva listened in orcish, and realized the fifth arcanogen was there.
* After some hard truth, bluffs, and lies from Marcus, Enialis' magic got them Tarst.
* They returned to Takanal and its jail to find that Tarst's transformation made him poop geodes.

In Rilan, Marcus practically memorized the wharf logs, analyzing them with a fine-toothed comb. When the Freeze was done, the team set out to Takanal aboard a ship known as the Medusa's Head. The cargo was luxury goods and items to ship further inland to the orcs through the Grand Maul Pass, so there was plenty of room for the team in the hold.

The Scorched Land
They spied a wreck off near the bank on the east side of the Turan River, and ordered the crew to pull alongside to investigate. There were signs of sand blasting in odd places on the ship, and no sign of life, though the ship must have sunk within the past week. The cabin was full of dead, bloating bodies. The hold was full of iron that had shifted, and several planks had sprung leaks perhaps because of it. There was a lot of sand down in the iron. Marcus took the wet and bloodied log book, determining that the passenger they took on in Takanal was likely a fellow named Rankin. The sand under the water glowed faintly of arcanogen, and they surmised that water was the only thing keeping the sand elemental in check. They withdrew and burned The Scorched Land to the water line with the help of oils and flaming arrows.

On arrival, one of the deck mercs, acting as the local Guard, assisted the team. He took them to the Temple of the Trees so that they could meet Mother Tia. Nyx became engrossed with the grounds of the temple – and its resident treant. As a professional courtesy, Mother Tia gave Nyx a briquette of healing peppermint, which Nyx spread throughout the team.

More to follow.

Grand Maul Pass
More to follow.

Behind the Scenes

Date: c13MAR2016

DM's Notes: I didn't write a recap afterwards, so a lot of information is missing on this session – like, the date. At the end of that session, I had everyone level up from 3rd to 4th level.

Reference: Campaign IX
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