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Character concept by Michael Waterstreet, all rights reserved.

Character Title: Marquis (by birth), Aetherist (by training), applied for Thaumaturgist Rank on Cal 12.

Character Quote: Prestidigitation!

Date of Birth: Lan 11, 1317 Avard

Current Status: Summer, 1333 Avard. Enialis is currently working for Baron Erol Longaxe, Lord of Longaxe, in Kashin, Rakore.


Enialis, at the start of the campaign, is a 16 year old half-elf. At only 5ft2in he is the shortest member of the group. He weighs 104lbs. His hair and eyes are brown in color but, despite their averageness, his looks are decidedly above average. This half elf is quite handsome. Perhaps, as he gets older and starts to look more finished, he'll become even more handsome.


In a moment of youthful indiscretion an elven princess and the son of an envoy from Rakore allowed their passions to overwhelm them. This act had natural consequences and, a few months later, a wedding between the two was hastily arranged to allow their child to be born in wedlock. The child was named Edgar and he symbolized the union of their houses and their races. A scant year later the two produced a set of twins named Eric and Ethel. A year and a half later what they believed to be their final child, Eedee, was born.

Edgar was well loved by his parents and, perhaps, spoiled rotten. Fortunately, despite being rowdy, he was pious and could be controlled by invoking the gods. He joined an order of Paladins and vowed to protect Rakore in the name of Mikindim. Edgar remained pledged to the order, never took a wife, and left no children.

The twins, Eric and Ethel, were much less rambunctious and pious than their elder brother. They preferred talk to action. To them shades of meaning were as the stuff of life. In this they took after their father. It was inevitable that they should hold some place in the politics of the realm as well as the declared joint heirs of the family. Their marriages were entirely politically motivated. Of the two only Ethel has children. This is by agreement of Eric and Ethel.

Eedee, as the youngest child, sought nothing that her older brothers and sister had. She wanted what her parents had. Despite how the marriage started and it’s use to achieve a political end, her mother and father really did care for each other, they could count on each other. Eedee wanted that for herself. Not some life spent fighting in the name of some god, or spent weighing each word against each other to maximize effect. She wanted a simple life, with children, and a man she chose. In the end, she got what she desired. Eric and Ethel helped her to find her mate. Never mind that it helped the family, she got the husband she desired. The only sad note here is that the man, Gregor, is human. Eedee will outlive him and probably will outlive her children. Edee has three children with Gregor. Kit, Rary, and Wendy.

As Edgar was attaining his commission as a Paladin undead started appearing in greater and greater numbers. Edgar performed well in the field against them, and attained rank quickly. By the time Chief Ulrich became King Ulrich Edgar was leading men in the war. His exploits were followed closely at home. Disaster finally struck, as it must, when Edgar misjudged the force he was fighting. He was leading a mixed group of priests, paladins, and regulars against an undead force when they were flanked by a force of ograns.

As his fighting lines started to crumble from the unexpected force, Edgar rallied his men and sounded the retreat. He, along with several of his most diehard soliders, held the rear so the priests could retreat to safety. To a man they died, but the actions of him and his soldiers saved the lives of most of those under his command. The forces also allowed Edgar’s commander to recover from the failed assault and win that portion of the campaign.

Stricken by Edgar’s death, Mother and Father retreated from their political affairs. Ethel and Eric picked up the slack and were shortly named as joint heirs of the family. Mother and Father moved to be closer to Eedee. Barely a year after the death of Edgar; Enialis was born.

Enialis was raised by his parents and by Eedee and Gregor. His nephews and nieces are closer to being his siblings than his own blood siblings. With the help of Eedee, Enialis barely avoids being spoilt as a child. He is raised aware of how only his actions can make him better than another person, that his chance of birth does not make him innately better. He also showed at a young age a certain proficiency for the magical arts. At Lok Magius he quickly demonstrated that he was indeed proficient and has been studying with the mages.

After attaining the rank of Aetherist at the age of 15 Enialis ran into a problem. Aetherists would generally spend time wandering the land learning the practical side of magic instead of just the theory. Enialis, being such a young age, was blocked by his parents and his older sister. He was simply too young to become an adventurer. Not even Edgar became a Paladin at such a young age.

After three months of arguing Enialis appeared to capitulate and left to return to Lok Magius. It was a lie. Enialis left to become an adventurer.

Enialis' Diary

Background Timeline

1213 - Mother (Elf) born (Winter)
1274 - Father (Human) born (Spring)
1291 - Parents Married (Fall). Edgar born (Winter)
1292 - Gregor born (Summer). Eric and Ethel born (Winter)
1294 - Eedee born (Spring)
1313 - Ethel marries
1314 - Eedee & Gregor Marry (Spring) Kit born (Winter)
1315 - Eric marries
1316 - War of Undead Starts, Edgar dies (Summer), Rary born (Fall)
1317 - Enialis born (Spring)
1318 - Wendy born (Summer)
1320 - War of Undead Ends
1332 - Enialis attains the rank of Aetherist and becomes a registered mage. (Fall)
1333 - Enialis runs away (Spring)

Family Ages as of 1333

  • Mother: 120 & Father: 59
    • Edgar: Deceased at 24
    • Eric: 40
    • Ethel: 40
    • Eedee: 39 & Gregor: 40
      • Kit 18
      • Rary 16
      • Wendy 14
    • Enialis: 16


He is meticulous about his appearance and wishes to give the impression of control, grace, and power. Insulting any of these three areas will likely get a rise out of him; the more true the insult the greater his reaction will be. His current reason for adventuring is to prove to the world that he is worthy of the respect that someone born in his station receives.

After the events of Cal 8 (IX-10-05), Enialis has become less meticulous about his appearance. His attitude has shifted as well. Where before he would inflict pain as a last resort, now he laments not having enough pain causing options. He is working to rectify his earlier naïvity by gathering more potent spells with which to work his will upon his foes. He is also less likely to put forth effort to befriend those people that the Baron LongAxe hires to aid him in the missions. His weakness contributed to the death of his prior group.

5E Stats and Features

Wizard 1
Stats: 11 Str, 16 Dex, 16 Con, 17 Int, 13 Wis, 16 Cha
Racial Features: Darkvision (39), Fey Ancestry (39)
Class Features: Spell Casting (114), Ritual Casting (114), Arcane Recovery (115)

Wizard 2
New Class Features: Arcane Tradition: School of Transmutation (115), Transmutation Savant (119), Minor Alchemy (119)

Wizard 3
New Class Features: (None)

Spell Name School Book / Page Ritual? Notes
Acid Splash Conjuration PHB / 221
Mending Transmutation PHB / 259
Prestidigitation Transmutation PHB / 267
1st Level
Comprehend Languages Divination PHB / 224 *
Detect Magic Divination PHB / 231 *
Expedition Retreat Transmutation PHB / 238
Feather Fall Transmutation PHB / 239
Find Familiar Conjuration PHB / 240 * Gained through working at Lyle House
Identify Divination PHB / 252 *
Longstrider Transmutation PHB / 256
Mage Armor Abjuration PHB / 256
Magic Missile Evocation PHB / 257
2nd Level
Darkvision Transmutation PHB / 230
Magic Weapon Transmutation PHB / 257
Nystul's Magic Aura Illusion PHB / 263 Gained for performing favors for Andrel of Lok Magius
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