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Character concept by Lynn Millard, all rights reserved.

'Morderain' is the humanized name of an elven cleric to the God of Healing, Whalin. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, she has reluctantly taken on the role of wearing heavy armor and wielding heftier weapons.

“Morderain was an elf finally out exploring the world, performing the work of her god, Whalin the Compassionate. She healed the poor and indigent in Kashin's less influential districts, but she was getting tired of healing the same problems caused by the same character flaws, over and over again. Her only relief had been when Tullia would come to volunteer some of her time. Tullia would have fantastic stories of villains bested and monsters slain as she worked for one of the city lords. And then Tullia would be off again on another adventure, and Morderain would have to wait for her return, questioning her chosen path in life. She was an elf with centuries ahead of her, and yet there were idiots that needed healing, then and there, or their quality of life would suffer even more or others who depended on them would suffer. Many of the poor were gracious, giving what they had and what they could as offerings in exchange for the healing. Unfortunately, many took advantage of the tiny clinic, giving nothing and expecting healing, again and again. And then came word that Tullia had died. Morderain despaired, knowing her friend would never tell another story, cut down before life had even begun. But, Tullia had lived more in a short time than the long-lived Morderain might ever live. She knew she had to change. She left the clinic and reported to the very lord Tullia had served, offering herself in Tullia's place.” -excerpt from ix-10-06

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