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Character concept by David Millard, all rights reserved.

Marcus is a human paladin of the God of Justice. Trained as a soldier, he later gained his paladinhood. Preferring the 'sword and board' method of sword fighting, he has begun wielding the twin longswords of Yatindar along with his armor.

“Marcus had served Yatindar all his life. He had served a soldier during the Fifth Crusades, and then during the ogran invasion he finally achieved his soldier's dream – he was rewarded by the God of Justice with the special powers and privileges of a banner paladin. One of his first tasks was to leave his home duchy, taking with him knowledge of an arcane mutational potion that was infiltrating the lands from the east. He was to act as liaison between the two duchies, share information, and find out who was responsible. Long months of waiting went by without a word, and Marcus helped the local reeves as best he could in the meantime, keeping an ear out for trouble. And then it came – one of the local lords reported that his investigative team had encountered an unusual material identified as the arcanogen. It had destroyed a brewery, transforming people into a myriad of things and shapes and misery. One of them had become liquid ale with a mind full of alcohol, and killed all but one of the lord's team. The local lord vowed to find the source of the arcanogen, and so Marcus was immediately transferred to assist with the investigation.” -excerpt from ix-10-06

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