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Character concept by Saige Linscomb, all rights reserved.

Eva is an elven ranger of the Rakoran forests. She tends to use a longbow, an axe, and a whip as easily as most people walk. Eva has a wolf named Kai that is her 'wolfbound' or 'heartbrother'. A close friend – more of a mother, really – is the gnomish druid Nyx.

“Nyx and Eva had a long history together. Nyx was a gnome, one of the most reclusive races in the world, long thought wiped out and extinct. She was a friend of the forest, walking the land and protecting all its denizens from any evils that would cause harm or lock them in unchanging and unadaptable stasis. Decades ago, she had found a crying elf child among a pack of dead wolves. The elf child had been adopted by the wolves, though not before she had learned the basics of speech and family. The wolves had been kind, but they had all been killed by arrows. The child had arrived at the scene of the ambush too late, grief-stricken, her second family torn away from her by killers who did not even bother to skin the wolves or eat them or speak with their spirits. Nyx took in the elf child, who only remembered the name Eva, and helped her relearn language, clothing, and conversation. She also taught the child about weapons, and how protecting the forests could include vengeance. Decades passed, as the two formed a strong friendship. During the War of the Undead, they battled evil whenever it formed. During the War of the Four Winds they cautiously watched as ograns swarmed the forests and ate little. Ignorant of what was edible in a land alien to their desert, the ograns barely touched the forest, save near those cities they wished to besiege. After the war, they easily undid much of the damage, but a new threat was rising: A chemical that could change living things into chaos had been sneaking its way into the land, released in man-carried shipping containers. Nyx and Eva needed help to handle the dangerous fluid that could turn a tree cat into stone or a grasshopper into a monster or a person into water. They turned to one of the city lords in charge of timber with a long history of respect for the woods.” -excerpt from ix-10-06

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