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Campaign IX, Chapter 6, Episode 1

Location: Telisdottle, Nabrol

Date: Spring, 1332 Avard

Characters: Nistau and Dutch

Keptin Hadjanis of Nabrol had received several letters of recommendation on a Leftenant Dutch. Based on those recommendations, Hadjanis picked Dutch to lead an important expedition away from Telisdottle and realm of Hadjanis' control. Dutch and a fast ship would be sent in search of something important to the Church of Nabrol, although he was not told what. At prearranged times and locations, sealed scrolls could be opened to determine the next leg of their journey, for speed and stealth were of critical importance.

Leftenant Dutch chose as his left-hand man a woman, Sergeant Nistau, who was rarely far from her quiet and well-trained mastiff Strider.

Dutch was assigned the Pax Karellia under Skipper DeMarko, and they sailed with the morning tide.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU13SEP2012

DM's Notes: We've been experimenting with a 'point' system derived from d20 Lite, Warhammer, and several versions of D&D – and this minicampaign was our first step in playtesting. This is also giving us a chance to explore the lands and culture of Nabrol, so expect plenty of editting as we flush out both the gaming system and lands and people of the Mad God.

Ross (Leftenant Dutch)

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Bill (Sergeant Nistau)

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