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Campaign IX, Chapter 4, Session 45

Title: A Village Gored

Characters: Wreckless, Codrus

Date: Early Vor, 1332 Avard

Synopsis: Wreckless is sent alone to subdue a minotaur Hershel believes to be an embarrassment to Lok Magius.


From the diary of Hershel Kavriss, Ducal Mage of the Janis Plains, Rakore…

There is a serious conspiracy afoot, perhaps more dangerous than I imagined. Last night, I sent the dwarf Wreckless to the small Sholin village of Iawayawa after one of their members sailed into Chasadan close to death. The villager indicated that a minotaur had taken over the village and was rampaging out of control. The Guard began mounting a punitive force, but would not be able to move out until the morning. We mages occasionally accidentally summon minotaurs from their realm, and nearly all of the beasts are mad, dangerous killing machines. Commodore Seamus counts one among his marines, so there are exceptions of a sort. I feared that one of our own may have accidentally released such a beast, though why it would be so far from Lok Magius I could not fathom. One of ME's strongest members of the arcane is a dwarf, of all things, and so Wreckless was dispatched with Meridia to watch over him. There was, indeed, a minotaur in the village. And another minotaur, as well. Two of the beasts, at once! The danger to the village lay in something else again, however. Wreckless found indications that more of the arcanogen was brought into Rakore; this time, the barrel it was in had a seal. I have analyzed the arcanogen residue brought back from the Usher, but cannot trace it. Perhaps this seal on the barrel will give us a clue as to its origins. The arcanogen transformed one of the villagers – the chief, we think, or perhaps its shaman – into a minotaur. The second minotaur, claiming to be following a spiritual guide of sorts, an invisible maze, was coming to Rakore – I think to find the other of his kind. The this spiritual maze led the second minotaur to the village seems likely, as some have linked the realm of the minotaurs to the God of Storms. In any event, sadly enough, all of the villagers were killed by the arcanogenned minotaur. Wreckless managed to bring down the massive beast with the help of the second minotaur, and I have added the arcanogenned minotaur's skull to our collection. I have studied the skull, and I cannot fathom how this arcanogen is working. Worse, it seems there is an increasing supply of the concoction slowly moving this way. Someone is setting us up. This reflections rather poorly on Lok Magius – and on myself. Finding the source of this arcanogen will have to take precedence, especially as Starvest has heard nothing of such a thing, despite his centuries of experience with the arcane.

Noon of the 12th of Vor, 1332 Avard.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU01SEP2011

Joe (DM)

Dinner was red beans and rice. I made enough for a small army, and then Bill couldn't make it! Sommer opted to let the session be just Ross and Dave, and so I set the two up for a classic confrontation of mistaken identity.

Game Information

RPG System: Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition.
All characters were 15th level.

Dave (Codrus)

No comment.

Ross (Wreckless)

No comment.

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