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Campaign IX, Chapter 4, Session 64

Title: Coup de Guerrier

Characters: Greff, Felix, Theren

Date: Mid Davor, 1332 Avard

Synopsis: Greff puts on a display for the royal court, and helps Felix woo a number of warriors to join Meridian Explorations.


Near midnight of the 17th of Davor, 1332 Avard.

On the morning of the 18th, the team put on a demonstration for the court. Felix, using his oratorical skills and a bit of magic, built up Meridian Explorations as something phenomenal and fantastic. As a measure of ME's abilities, one of ME's Team Leaders would perform a daredevil fall from the 9th floor of the King's Gallery – onto the floor below, with no padding, no magic, and no sleight-of-hand. A 100 foot fall onto a stone floor. That, the crowd had to see, and they did. Greff took a swan dive into the King's Gallery, and landed on one foot, one knee, and one fist, his other fist ready for action. Those nearby were awed, but those further away held their breath until Greff stood up to a roar of applause. That simple display of ME's might won a number of converts among the nobility – and may have crushed any potential competition before it began.

Kralik the barbarian, given to them by the thane of Boulderdash, was already on board. In addition, Sir William de Grace, a knight of the Janis Plains, pledged himself to Meridian Explorations. Johr Antkiller, mohawk ranger of the Tikranor Plateau, also pledged himself to ME. Theren, a cleric of Arpelos, pledged his support as well.

Felix and Greff made a few more exchanges with the nobles present, and then beat a hasty retreat from the eyes of so many peoples. Theren, an excellent judge of men and intentions, let Greff and Felix know quietly that Johr Antkiller belonged mind, body, and soul, to Duke Dwarfkiller, General of the 1st Ogran Forces. Duke Dwarfkiller apparently wanted the inside track on ME. Aware of the spy placed in their midst, Greff and Felix began to wonder if others were spies for nobles, as well.

The team left Mount Basilisk with mounts and their four new members, and spent the next three days traveling towards River Crown. In Caerne's Pass, the team was beset by over a dozen starving snowfell wolves. Summer being as warm as it was, the pickings were slim for the winter wolves, who were desperate enough to attack six armed men and four mounts (Kralik and Johr preferring to be afoot). The six of them and their mounts easily overpowered the snowfell – and Greff and Felix found out that Johr had a particular fear of snowfell. Somewhere deep in the bones of the elite orc ranger was a primal fear of big dogs. Greff couldn't help but laugh at that.

Theren patched up their few hurts, and the team continued on to the totem in Caerne's Pass. Kralik, a man of nature, showed his aptitude for art when he captured the details of the totem's inscriptions and glyphs in amazing detail. Hours later, the team made it into River Crown after spending three days, two nights, and a battle together.

Later afternoon on the 21st of Davor, 1332 Avard.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU15MAR2012

Joe (DM)

We have teased Bill about never having seen The 13th Warrior for years, now. I finally bought it off of Amazon and we all made him sit down and watch the movie. Danny had time on his hands, and he watched the movie with us before playing an abbreviated session. Dinner was summer sausage, cheese, crackers, chips, and salsa, plus some corn dogs, and we snacked and joked and watched the movie and played until late.

Game Information

RPG System: Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition.
All characters are 16th level.

Bill (Greff)

No comment.

Ross (Felix)

Don't forget Kralik's phenomenal artistic ability (rolled a 19) and having him create a detailed drawing of Caerne's Totem!

Joe (DM)


Danny (Theren)

No comment.

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