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Campaign IX, Chapter 11, Episode 17

Pawn to Knight, Part II

Location: Mount Lavanor

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Este, Halite, Nalani, Galadriel, Isaac, Xydeco

The team battled on two fronts in the hallowed summit of Mount Lavanor – against an undead knight with a two-bladed sword in a dwarven tavern, and against wraith-like shadows capable of hurling force bolts in the inn. The undead knight killed Estella Battleheart, paladin of Galgiran, and then animated her body. He then began killing other tavern patrons who were cowering in fear, animating their bodies, as well. Meanwhile, Este, his tomanths, and Nalani realized that the target of the shadows was not Este – but his dragon-like companion. Este sent the companion winging off through the halls of Mount Lavanor to safety, and the shadow fled, following. Together, the combined force of the team could be brought against the undead knight. Halite's holy symbol kept the knight at bay, although he called for reinforcements as he nearly slew Xydeco. Halite used the opportunity to importune the knight to surrender – and he offered to negotiate. He said that the winged companion knew something of Herod Notimeh, and he wanted him badly. The entire undead excursion into the most holy of holies was to get Herod at all costs. The knight agreed to withdraw to the exterior summit and stop killing anyone, if Halite would let him and his small army go, given that Halite seemed to know something of the companion.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU16FEB2016

DM's Notes: Poltergeists flipped all my chairs. Certainly not Gabriel.

Reference: Campaign IX
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Sommer (Halite)

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Saige (Galadriel)

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