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Campaign IX, Chapter 11, Episode 18

The Flying Ship

Location: Mount Lavanor

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Este, Halite, Nalani, Galadriel, Isaac, Xydeco

The team let the undead knight Rex and his small army file out of Mount Lavanor, preventing further deaths in exchange for mutual information to capture the Traitor. Halite and Nalani went to talk with the higher powers in the temples, and both had good learned how the protection wards had failed – undead insects took the brunt of the attack, triggering the wards and letting the bigger undead enemies through. Nalani and Halite offered suggestions and insights into strengthening the wards, and then Estella Battleheart's enchanted hammer Fireheart was directed to accompany Halite. Halite's first task was to find the Traitor, and his second task was to destroy the undead knight. If both could be accomplished at once, then so be it. Este, meanwhile, left to find Ed'year'd – and Ed'year'd returned later without Este. The dragonet willingly told the dwarf the location of the Traitor: Hammer Isle. The team rested up, waiting for Este while Onwynn searched for him. The raven familiar found the Baron of Gray Lakes, only to see him bludgeoned and kidnapped in front of the bird. Onwynn reported that it was Este that kidnapped himself. Using a ring of Estella Battleheart's, they invoked a ritual that took half a mark to prepare. The ring would lead Xydeco to Este, while the rest of the team went to meet with the undead knight Rex – who might be Doom Rex, Guildmaster of the Marksmen Mercenaries, according to the Bishop. Thinking to have some backup from the roc hawkes, the team makes their way to the aviary set up for the orcish flying beasts. Two roc-hawkes – a juvenile and an adult – were on the aviary platform. They had their heads under their wings for the night, though each had a pair of orc rangers nearby to tend to them. There were other figures on the aviary platform as well. A tall human with dark hair and pale skin and jewelry about his neck and fingers approached the team. His deep voice informed them that Rex wanted the dragonet. The team went back and forth for a bit, refusing to go with Rex. The tall, pale fellow indicated otherwise; there was a shimmering in the air above the team, and a heavy woven net dropped on the team. Galadriel let loose a blast of multiarcing witch bolts that burned through the net near her. She dropped free, showing the others the way out of the net. The tall fellow pulled a crossbow from his robes and fired it up into the air, and as the shimmering, flying ship leapt up into the sky, he left with it – and with the information that the Traitor was on Hammer Isle. Xydeco burst out onto the platform, tracking Este. In the chaos of the fight, even as the roc hawkes had been roused by Halite to join with the team, one of the orcish ranger crews had been slain – seemingly by Este. The larger roc hawke took flight into the night in the opposite direction from the flying ship, the Baron of Gray Lakes securely strapped to it.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU02MAR2016

DM's Notes: Splitting the party is usually something that an evil game master has to work hard to make happen. This party seems to work hard at not staying together. The party also had to deal with the brutal cold, taking disadvantage on all rolls. Too bad the undead aren't affected by the cold.

Reference: Campaign IX
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