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Herod Notimeh

Known in Rakore simply as 'the Traitor', Duke Herod Notimeh was an agent of Rakore's long-time enemy, the Ogre Nations. Herod was trained by the Supreme Ruler of the Ogre Nations himself as a deep cover agent that would help pave the way for invasion. Herod's minions stashed food and weapons all over Rakore, filled in key positions in the military leadership, and bribed or assassinated lower-level leaders that would get in Herod's way. After the invasion began in 1329 Avard, Herod's duplicity was discovered during the War of the Four Winds. He attacked the King of Rakore, nearly killing him, before disappearing without a trace. A substantial reward is offered for Herod Notimeh, dead or alive.

He is described as an attractive human of perhaps five feet and and a half, with dark, curly brown hair, an infectious smile, and brown eyes. Herod is well-trained with the short sword, and has a voice like warm honey – which some now believe is cursed or ensorcelled.

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