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Recap 03, Campaign IX

Afternoon, the 21st of Vor, 1331 Avard.

Dolon was semiconscious, but Hadarai was the first to wake. He came to with a start, with a stranger in plate mail standing over him in the mid-afternoon light. The stranger asked him, “High Inquisitor, are you all right?”

Hadarai the mage grimaced. His arm was broken. Cephus, Garet, and Draelien were nowhere to be seen. Hadarai and Dolon had apparently fallen to the base of the cliff, not too far away from the jungle forests themselves. They were burned, beaten, savaged and clawed – and both had sustained head injuries that made their memories suspect. Worse, Dolon still had hallucinogens in his system.

The Banner Paladin of Arpelos, Sunalor, helped the two as best he could. The High Inquisitor was gruff, imperious, and dazed by his ordeal, but obviously wanted to help his comrade as best he could. The High Inquisitor told the paladin to make camp, and sent him into the forests for wood.

Sunalor had traveled many miles alone on his first assignment for the Church of Arpelos. He had been sent from Kur Maeth with a violent warhorse, supplies, and good training – to bring Arpelos' light to the far corners of the world. Traveling along the beach of northern Baroneth, Sunalor found the trail of the other party, and then made his way inland past the staked heads of the sahuagin that had attacked Hadarai and Dolon and the rest as they made their own way inland.

Along the way, Sunalor picked up a follower, unbeknownst to the Banner Paladin. The young halfling woman known as Liffey, a wild child some nine years on her own already, had become lonely for intelligent conversation. Her wolf was her friend, her mount, and her sibling in the ways of the forest – but lacked the art of speech that she occasionally needed to hear. But a giant of a man made of metal, moving through the forest on a horse twice the size of any other? That, Liffey had to investigate.

And so she had followed and shadowed Sunalor on his journey, following the man that followed the trail Garet had hacked through the forest.

Hadarai managed to help Dolon to where he could help himself, despite the terror of the hallucinogen still in his system. By nightfall, Dolon was well awake. His hand had several broken bones in it, but he was otherwise all right in spite of the fall and the beating he had taken. His memories were fractured, still, and he had a hard time remembering just what had happened to him.

Sunalor was silent for the most part, listening to Hadarai and Dolon when they bothered to speak where he could hear. The High Inquisitor was reclusive and withdrawn, but it was obvious he had considerable power, to have survived the kind of battle indicated by their scars.

Dolon finally managed to spy Liffey spying on them, and helped Hadarai force a confrontation. Extremely shy and child-like, the young Liffey was slowly coaxed into the firelight – though her 150 pound wolf made Dolon considerably nervous.

Sunalor's violent mount was probably the greatest danger they all faced in the evening twilight, as an uncomfortable silence settled onto the group. For Dolon and Hadarai, their curiosity was tempered by the presence of a paladin, their injuries, and what might have happened to their friends.

Evening, the 21st of Vor, 1331 Avard.

XP Awarded

Each player received 300 experience points for role-play. Hadarai and Dolon now have 745 experience points each, and Sunalor and Liffey have 300 apiece.

DM's Notes

January 25th, 2009. We met at my place on Saturday evening. Dinner was Zatarain's red beans n' rice with an extra green-onion sausage thrown in the mix. Ross and Danny brought beer, and it was the first time for several of us to meet Danny. Introductions were made all around: Fred, my battle-buddy from the Army days and a former campaigner of mine; Tiffanee, my girlfriend and a novice to DnD; Ross, a History major and veteran role-player; Danny, also a History major and veteran role-player; and myself. Tiffanee, Ross, and I had all worked together at the Texas A&M Research facility in China, Texas, over the summer. Ross and Fred were returning to reprise their roles as Dolon and Hadarai, respectively, and continue on with the campaign.

Despite a hiatus of some three or four months, it looks like things are off to a fair start. We had a sit-down to iron out how we see the game, helped Tiffanee and Danny get their characters down on paper, and discussed the situation as a whole. We also role-played enough to get the group together, in one place, at one time. And, of course, we popped Tiffanee's role-playing cherry. Whee!

The game plan is to play on Saturdays at 1pm, and I'll take care of dinner. If someone has plans or can't make it, at least we'll probably get to play the next Saturday. We don't plan to stay up late on Saturday nights, and this way, if someone has a hot date or other plans for that evening, they can still make it and get their role-playing in for the weekend, as well.

I'll need to make sure Tiffanee and Danny get access to the DokuWiki side of the house so that they can post their character sheets and make any necessary edits as needed.

Players' Notes

I can't wait for the campaign to get back underway.


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