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Campaign IX, Chapter 8, Episode 1

The Show Goes On

Location: Teras

Date: Late Spring, 1333 Avard

Characters: Ryn, Svic, Ignacio, Iris, Sariel, Dannamai, Tempest, Kruj

After spending several months at sea, the TRIBAL NAME arrived in the new land of Teras. They had debated for some time just where to arrive in the lands of Rakore, hearing many tales of Teras, Chasadan, Firland, and other places in their new home. In the end, though, they agreed that Teras was the best place to land to further their own interests to replenish their funds and then move on into the new lands.

Once off ship in Teras, the TRIBAL BAND found a pasture on the northern end of the city where they could be away from the sea and set up their tents. Hoping to replenish their stores, they began entertaining passersby, asking for information and trading performances for coin or favors of knowledge. The members of the TRIBAL BAND were individually impressive individuals. Together, they were a tour de force that brought significant attention to themselves with fire-breathing, fortune telling, illusions and phantasms, a flying roc hawke trapezium, an elephant, exotic dancing and music, and more.

By late in the evening of their first day in the new lands of Rakore, the TRIBAL BAND realized they had brought significant attention to themselves. They had made a number of contracts, brought in sufficient coin or barter for new vardo (wagons) – and made the local tax collectors curious if they were paying the kingdom's 10% flat tax on their income.

The next morning, the TRIBAL BAND set out on the road. They left at a leisurely pace, not escaping Teras so much as moving on to new camps before they wore out their welcome. The TRIBAL SURNAME had learned the value of not overstaying a welcome centuries before.

Not too far north of Teras on their first day, they were stalked by a short, fat orc in scale mail and electric blue, missing his left hand. The orc waited until he had the distant attention of the TRIBAL BAND, and then quickly attacked. The TRIBAL BAND were able to bring him down in short order by bringing their combined arcane and combat abilities to bear.

The orc, in very thickly accented Common, informed them that he was a former Seeker. He attacked them to assess them and warn them; Seekers stalked the land, hunting for the arcane. Rakore was supposedly a haven for mages against the Inquisition, but that also made it a target for the Inquisition and its mage-killer Seekers. As such, the orc warned them not to trust anyone. Seekers were often placed under geas, mind-wiped or memory-altered to blend in with the populace, until a strong enough arcane signature activated their powers and their abilities. They were relatively immune to arcane attacks, and could deal significant damage to magic-users. They were becoming more numerous in Rakore, and the band would have to be wary.

The orc's message was clear, as was his intent. He meant them well. He had been a Seeker in his own time, but once reawakened, had chosen to take a different path. He would return to Teras after spending an evening with the band, and from there hope to warn other mages with hard lessons.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU14MAY2014

DM's Notes: Bill, Bo, and Sam managed to make it to the start of a new campaign. I felt the actions of the last campaign were compromising its premise; to work for those who wish to remain anonymous requires some anonymity. However, players often want to play heroes or villains of notoriety. (Is D&D then a sort of narcissism?) We might return to the prior campaign at some point in the future, or reserve it for One Shots, but it might be time for the Procurators to lay low for some time. In the interim, a band of wandering gypsies with no particular home might highlight the various locations in Rakore while simultaneously allowing for adventure in sequential locales. A campaign might make for a less episodic format, but those occasions when 'not everyone can make it' should lend themselves well to One Shots, such as a return to the Urkar Shest bog orcs of Chapter 5, Episode 8 IX-5-3. In the interim, the players need to select a name for their traveling band of gypsies other than TRIBAL NAME.

Reference: Campaign IX

Sommer (Dannamai and Sairel)

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Paul (Tempest)

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Ross (Kruj)

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Sam (Ignacio)

Looking forward to a new campaign. We started things off in a unique way: an 8-character skill check!!! And I know I found an excellent character in Ignacio- he is extraordinarily powerful, not to mention off-the-charts with Charisma skills. I think he has some good fortune on his side too: he critted on his first-ever attack roll!

To all my fellow campaigners, you might want to consider getting some fire protection/resistance.

Looking forward to a great campaign.

Bill (Sric)

No comment.

Bo (Ryn)

No comment.

Saige (Iris)

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