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Campaign IX, Chapter 6, Episode 2

Location: Goordune Ocean, between Nabrolia and the Alekdan Principalities

Date: Spring, 1332 Avard

Characters: Nistau and Dutch

After three weeks at sea, Skipper DeMarko found that most of the supplies aboard the Pax Karellia had been saboutaged. This meant that unless they happened to find food and water, soon, they would die on the high seas.

Leftenant Dutch and Sergeant Nistau called upon the powers of Nabrol to test the truth of the crew and the soldiers aboard the ship. A drop of blood was added to a skull basin encrusted with copper and jewels, and the blood turned black and smoky in the presence of lies or corruption against the Church of the Mad God. A member of the crew had been corrupted by the god Brigain. For several days, the man was tortured by Leftenant Dutch's personal assistant, until his blood was sacrificed to Nabrol.

Not long after, the Pax Karellia found an unmapped island. The crew packed up on food and supplies, although one of the crew was lost to a ten foot tall terror bird. The terror bird and a number of dragon turtle eggs, plus a variety of fowl and fruits, helped to top off the ship's stores.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU??OCT2012

DM's Notes: Entry created 30+ days after the event. Still ironing out Points System protocols.

Ross (Leftenant Dutch)

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Bill (Sergeant Nistau)

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