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Campaign IX, Chapter 10, Episode 03

Druid Statue

Location: Rakoran Forest, two days south and west of Boulderdash

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Kethra, Enialis, Leucis, Tullia

Bare bones notes: Two weeks of lunches, Sir Sariose picked to escort team to statue; team goes for flank and then full-out assault against 40 bandits; druid and two bandits go down; statue does some damage to team; entangle, thunderclap; statue defeated; run into Hearth Lord; ordered to escort prisoners to Kashin; paid 35gp to ensure escort.

Behind the Scenes

Date: SAT27JUN2015

DM's Notes: Hot dogs at our place, on account of the littlest one.

Reference: Campaign IX
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Sommer (Kethra)

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Mike (Enialis)

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David (Leucis)

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Lynn (Tullia)

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