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Campaign IX, Chapter 10, Episode 04

Dash's Murder

Location: Kashin

Date: Autumn, 1333 Avard

Characters: Kethra, Enialis, Leucis, Tullia, Tyra

Bare bones notes: Baron Longaxe's nephew (Sir 'Dash' Howell) and unbeknownst heir was killed while the team was out dealing with raiders. The baron asked the team to look into the apparent robbery, which the Guard said they could investigate more closely in another week or so. With antinecrotic laws in place that burned the bodies of the fallen, evidence would burn up, as well. The team investigated the place of the murder, investigated the body itself at one of the small temples to Curiss (God of the Dead), and looked at the nephew's clothing and articles. Careful investigation and a chance conversation with the baron revealed that Dash's key to the 'arcane vault' was missing. The baron realized that Sir Howell was murdered for that key, and ordered the team to the warehouse immediately. A brief battle between shades, a drow assassin, and a powerful wizard woman ensued. The team was nearly knocked down, but rallied with the help of a typhling sorceress.

Behind the Scenes

Date: SAT05SEP2015

DM's Notes: David and Lynn brought Subway sandwhiches, and we had some nachos. Saige joined us and spent a hunk of the night nodding off while Sarah and Kellan played and ran around and made noise. I had an opportunity to kill Mike and David's characters, and even bring them back as shades to attack the rest of the party. I chose to pass on that, as I'm still getting a feel for 5th Edition. This let them rally from the brink and realize that the shades took double damage from radiant damage, and magic missiles did next to nothing against the wizard woman. As a reward, I let the baron gift the team with enchanted wood (I can hear them snickering, now) to be used in weapons and equipment.

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