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Character concept by Joe Parish, all rights reserved.

Date of Birth: Circa 1312 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1332 Avard. Tiny currently works for Meridian Explorations.


Tiny is an orc – a really big orc. He tends to wear whatever is at hand, unless a butt-kicking is on hand; in a fight, Tiny wears srik armor and carries some heavy weaponry.


Like many of the orcs in Rakore, Tiny was a member of the invading horde from the Ogre Nations. When the mages began blowing themselves up – and taking whole armies with them – the orcs decided that the mages of Rakore were stronger than the ogremai that had ruled the orcs for centuries. The orcs worshipped strength, and when Rakoran mages could kick ogremai butts (whom had, in turn, kicked Mazripoth priest butts…), it seemed only logical to become Rakorans. At least, the orcs who went over to Rakore saw things that way. They were even treated as equals (mostly) to the humans and dwarves and elves. How bizarre.

Recently, Tiny and a handful of other orcs switched from working construction for the roads, to working construction for (gasp!) a mage! They work with a sort of green-skinned half-orc kinda guy named Greff, whom all the orcs kinda like. And Greff knows the mage real well. So, if there's anywhere to work in all Rakore, it's working with Greff for a mage. And they even let them hunt dogs for meat!


Tiny is a tactical genius, and a strategic idiot. He can't think more than a day or two ahead, but when a combat situation appears, he responds with instincts that formidable. His name is an insult into his size, and yet despite that muscle-bound size, he has considerable speed – and he knows it. He also knows he can't read, can't think his way out of a maze, and doesn't have much in the way of long-term prospects without help.

4E Stats

12th Level Fighter

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