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Campaign IX, Chapter 4, Session 61

Title: Wharfside No 18

Characters: Greff, Felix

Date: Early Davor, 1332 Avard

Synopsis: Greff purchases a building at Wharfside No 18, and Felix commissions the creation of a runesword.


Late evening of the 10th of Davor, 1332 Avard.

Short Version: Felix and Greff left Argoth to report to the Guard, while they went to check on Felix's mother. As a baroness, she had the right to take over the tree of the Meridian Manse for the eve, and she and her bodyguards listened to the warning about the undead hunting her. With little else to do for the evening, and the relationship between Felix and his mother so cool, the two ME reps left the tree house and chose to sleep well aways from the Manse. Felix stayed the night at Greff's pad, sleeping in light meditation, as was the way of the elves. A touch of nightmare startled the mage awake in the middle of the night, and he sat up immediately, fire and lightning both crackling in his hands. Felix awoke, and went back to his meditations. Greff, on the other hand, whom had been in the midst of a fireball gone awry, had awoken at Felix's unconscious display of power. Greff went back to sleep a bit nervously, his dreams becoming nightmares. The next day, the two checked in on the investigation of the previous night's necromancy. Of the bones and carriage with its necrotic ballistae, there was not enough left to fill even one grain bag. A fungus of some sort deteriorated the carriage inside of an hour, and the bones of the undead turned to dust. Even of the lich there was little enough left, save a handful of bones. Because the matter was necrotic in nature, reports had gone to both the temples, and to the Ducal Mage – meaning that Felix, as the Ducal Mage's assistant, was handed a copy of the report. From there, the two went separate ways for awhile. Greff went to follow up on some leads from the previous night's banquet, and checked in at one of the furriers. There, he found a bow-legged fellow enamored of all horses, who was willing to sell Greff his building near the docks. The building, Number 18 on the Wharfside, was right on the boardwalk near the docks. From the second floor of the two-story building, Greff could see every ship on the ocean-side of the city. The first floor of the building had been a merchant shop for sailors, and contained various odds and ends that sailors might purchase while ashore. All of the merchandise was still there, and was part of the purchase itself. The building was perhaps twenty-five feet on a side, and would serve well for Greff's intentions. A single bar of gold, worth 5,000 silver in and of itself, was the purchase price. The seller had to pay a jeweler some ways down the street just to convert the bar into useful coin. Felix, meanwhile, had spent the morning walking the city – first to the manse, then to the Stamp of Peace, and then to the Ducal Mage's tower. At the tower, he found William pouring over books and scrolls, with news from Hershel. Thanks to Greff, Felix, and Meridian Explorations, a plot on the kingdom had been foiled. The arcanogen that had been smuggled into Rakore had been heading to Mount Basilisk. Iron Jon the dwarf had been arrested and executed for his part in the plot against the kingdom, and the arcanogen barrels had been secured for shipment to Lok Magius. Iron Jon and a number of accomplices had been attempting to sew chaos in the capital, apparently in the hopes of killing the king and fracturing the kingdom into warring duchies. With the dukes in the capital, and arcanogen unleashed, most of the senior nobility of the land would have been turned into monsters or killed. King Graniteshoulders was apparently quite thankful to Hershel, and Meridian Explorations had been formally recognized as an asset to the kingdom. William was, thankfully, no longer in charge of operations for ME; Hershel would reassume his duties, and there was no longer a 'conflict of interest' in the Ducal Mage running Meridian Explorations. In the meantime, Hershel wanted some representatives of ME up at Mount Basilisk to parade about. William seemed grateful to no longer be 'running' ME, and eager to continue his research. He asked that Felix ensure someone get up to Mount Basilisk quickly, before the King's Court adjourned for the year – and while he was up in that direction, he should ask a Stonehammer named Margrin about Valen Talross, as well as do research into Caerne's Pass and the totem against undead that existed there for potential duplication in Chasadan. After that consulting with William on a few other points, Felix went to Roswyn's Shoppe. There, he negotiated with the halfling artificer for the commission of a runesword. Roswyn was an accomplished artificer, but the construction of such a sword would be new to her. Nor had her smith, Nadar, ever crafted such a sword – but they would both try. After that, Felix used the alchemical labs to alter the lich's ring he had found the night before. The ring homed in on his mother's blood, which meant it also homed in on Felix. The mage was able to shield himself from the ring by altering the ring's search ability – and managed to get the ring to home in on his mother. The giant star-eye ruby on the ring then pointed north, towards the baroness. Felix checked in at the Meridian Manse, but his mother and her retinue had left earlier that morning, and were already on the road towards Fasra. Felix found Greff and informed him of the situation up in Mount Basilisk. Because a 'war' was going on against the warforged and the fell troll, Felix felt the need for ME to have papers of travel to authenticate them as belonging to ME – and thus outside the press of arms that the Marquis of Fasra had called.

Late evening of the 11th of Davor, 1332 Avard.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU23FEB2012

Joe (DM)

Dinner was pot pies for a taste of the Renaissance. In the middle of game play, Saige slipped on some water and dropped a plate full of food that shattered on the floor. Luckily, she came away with only a small cut, but she bruised her butt pretty good. Turns out she slipped on water – dripping from ceiling – because the AC had overflowed its drain and was leaking, upstairs. (facepalm) Oi. I wondered why it was so warm in the house. Special thanks to Ross and Bill for the assist in shutting down the upstairs AC.

Game Information

RPG System: Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition.
All characters are 16th level.

Bill (Greff)

Although it was a short session, I really enjoyed it. Greff is becoming the face of ME more and more each session. Yes, he is the senior member, but now he is getting in front of people and interacting with them. It might seem like im going with the flow of the session with Greff. But the way I look at it, Greff scrapped for nothing more than fear, food, and drink in his past. Never getting or expecting respect. To be honest, he didnt do anything for respect. But his deep loyalty to Meridian Explorations is due to the chance at earning a living and being given someting he never had… a chance. Instead of fighting the opportunity, he is embracing this new public image. It seems, to me at least, that Greff is finally not defined by his image of the eye. But by the image of his actions. Which of late have been nothing short of extrodinary. Part of me wants to retire him at the top of ME. But something about him draws me in every week.

Joe (DM)

Something about Greff's journey makes it a prime target for a book, perhaps one with names like, Origins in Ugly, or his orcishly-translated name of Green Skin Not Orc, Wet Work Wonders, or whatever. This is the ultimate bad boy turned hero story!

Ross (Felix)

No comment.

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