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Character concept by Tom Allison, all rights reserved.

Journeyman-ranked Mage of Lok Magius

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Cephus and his allies found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. His' powers were the only thing that saved him and his allies, Draelien Bloodbanner and Garet Fellhaft, after they found themselves backed up against a cliff facing an armed forest. Where they are now is anyone's guess.


A young man with a haughty air about him, Cephus dresses in lavender robes – the same color as his magics.


Born to wealth and prestige, the Mages' Academy was merely another stepping stone in the intelligent young man's path, even if he thought he had no real gift for magic. Nowhere else could one learn alchemy, have access to elder books, or learn from elves that had 'been there' in history, as well learn how power truly worked in Rakore.

During the War of the Four Winds, Cephus was a warlock novitiate in training. He helped defend Fortress of Magic and Mages' Academy from the vast hordes of ograns, and also was one of the first of the 'new mages' to unlock the new ways of power, almost against his will.

Cephus received an offer from a mage known as Horbe – an offer that paid well, to put his mage's skills to use in finding something for a rich benefactor. He had only to meet Horbe at the Red Flagon on the 1st day of Summer, at high noon, to hear more.

There, Cephus met several others that would accompany him across the sea on a dangerous quest for the benefactor. In a harrowing adventure, Cephus and his four allies found themselves backed up against a cliff by powerfully enchanted, moving trees. In a desperate bid to save them all, Cephus delved deep into his star pact for aid – and received it.

Two of his allies fell down the cliff, but two others traveled with him.


Arrogant and imperious, Cephus expects to be obeyed, and yet somehow does not abrade on his allies or those he meets unless they are truly in a foul mood.

4E Stats

1st Level Human Warlock

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