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Campaign IX, Chapter 11, Episode 10

Enter the Maw

Location: Firland

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Este, Halite, Nalani, Galadriel, Isaac, Xydeco

They leave the monastery and travel up and around Mount Trompth, a volcano known well to the dwarves. In the monastery they had seen a map to something of interest, and so Nalani led them to a old gnomish mine on the north face. Inside, 'sparks' of crystal hold ancient magics – and a golem that thrashes them.

Behind the Scenes

Date: 2016

DM's Notes: Intro campaign continues, as Alex joins the group.

Reference: Campaign IX
Previous: IX-11-09
Next: IX-11-11

Sommer (Halite)

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Heather (Nalani)

Saige (Galadriel)

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Seth (Este)

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Aidan (Isaac)

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Alex (Xydeco)

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