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Campaign IX, Chapter 5, Episode 5

Location: Kurdrick Forest, Cidalia

Characters: Sheridethira, Selethenas, Geserahsessalon, Ethelethaar

In 1111 Avard, a prophecy imploded on the elven kingdom of Keledenetheir. The elder king passed away, leaving the land to his two sons Cidalithon and Gordanalin. Both sons claimed sole ascendancy to the throne, and a civil war began that split the nobles into two parties – those for Cidalithon and those for Gordanalin.

Neither side wanted total war, and neither was willing to give it, and so a state of war has technically existed for over two centuries. Murder and mayhem exist along the border, but rarely does it move past the border between the two lands of Cidalia and Gordania. Add to this the occasional touch of the Inquisition from the south, hobgoblin troops from the tundras to the north, and pirates along both eastern and western coasts, and the elves of the region have become wary, touchy, and lethal.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU07JUN2012

DM's Notes: Dinner was a stew that Sommer had slow-cooking all the day long, and it was delicious!

Ross (Selethenas)

No comment.

Bill (Ethelethaar)

No comment.

Sommer (Sheridethira)

No comment.

Caileb (Geserahsessalon)

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