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Character concept by Danny Park, all rights reserved.

Vicar of Ktath

“Can I help you?”

Date of Birth: Unknown, circa 1297 Avard.

Current Status: Erik is currently in Chasadan, where he aids former inquisitors in attaining some measure of vengeance against Kur Maeth.


Erik is a half-elf of average height and a lean yet powerful build. He wears armor of black scales with blued-steel inlay, and carries a large war maul. Over black leathers can sometimes be seen his amulet, the holy symbol of Ktath, God of Vengeance.


No one is sure of where he came from or what he did before he arrived in Chasadan, and Erik never talks about it. Many suspect that he is a former thug that found something in the teachings of Ktath that few suspected existed.


Erik is ruthless in his training and discipline. He helps balance the scales wherever possible, working from the shadows and operating without the Church of Ktath. And yet he is a very personable character in person, quiet, kindly, and gentle.

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